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Power Comes From Self-Honesty

There are many ways that you can judge a person’s character. They might give generously to non-profit organizations or charities. They might buy food for the homeless. While these external expressions of character are nice gestures, they are not necessarily indicative of one’s character. Here’s a question for you that can shed some light on this: Are you proud of who you are in private? This is key. Power comes from self-honesty. If we aren’t being honest with ourselves then we are doomed to continue running in the wrong direction. Taylor did training on this recently with our internal sales teams which provided some clarity on this.

Power Comes From Self-Honesty

Power comes from self-honesty. Power comes because I'm honest with myself about where I'm good, where I'm bad, where I need to improve. Every single leader who comes in on my teams takes six months and they have to learn to be honest with themselves. It takes them a little bit of time. Not, because they want to, but because human beings by nature want to cover things up.

You cannot be someone in private that you are not proud of and then expect to have power in public.

Does that make sense? I'm proud of myself on a Saturday afternoon, on a Tuesday at 5 am; I'm as consistent as most people in the world could ever be. People see my wealth, they see my energy, they see my income, and, they have a glitch in their operating system that tells them that I got lucky. It hat tells them that somehow, like I just stepped into an opportune moment.

You Have To Be Consistent

But the truth is if you take the last five years multiplied by 365 days, 1825 days; I’ve been consistent for 1825 days. Consistency is incredibly important. Sometimes when we have new people start they are confronted with the realization that ‘I'm not going to become rich in three months because I sell something.’

No, you're not. You're not.

And if you do, you have a different challenge. One of our advisors made a lot of money quickly. And now he's trying to figure out how to keep himself going If you make too much money too quickly, don't have enough obstacles in your path. You lack resistance. Without resistance, the ‘plane’ can't fly. It’s not getting off the ground

We have to raise our standards. Not at work. We have to raise our standards when we walk out the door, before we get into the door in the morning. We've got to raise our standards. What do we expect from ourselves by this level?

Do you want to be the best at what you do? Don’t lie.

Are you sure?

If you are claiming you want to be the best in your chosen profession and are not showing up in a manner that pushes you to be that person at work AND at home you are lying to yourself. You have a functional cognitive-dissonance.

We have to stop lying. There's no shame.

Don't say that you want to be the best. Don't say you want to be Tom Brady of sales and then show up 100% only three days a week because you're tired. Power comes from self-honesty. Make a decision, get your vision locked in; get your clarity there, THEN determine your next step.

Closing Thoughts

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