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Longevity as a High Performer Depends on One Thing – Asking the Right Questions.

All of the gurus will show you the “tactics” to help you build and find success, but we would be doing a disservice to you if all we did was show you marketing hacks. Anyone can learn how to write a good headline, but if you don’t learn how to master your own hunger, your DRIVE to win, your ability to PUSH amidst difficulty – you’ll lose the game.

“You’re only going to be successful if you’re willing to run INTO problems, and to be able to do that, you have to be willing to adapt.” – Chris Evans

As high performers, we tend to resist the negative issues that face us in order to maintain comfort. Growth is all about getting uncomfortable, being willing to adapt, and learning how to ask the right questions that will help you find the right answers.

Knowledge and Information

Too many people blame their lack of success on their lack of knowledge:

“I don’t know how to create a pixel.”
“What do I do when I have too many clients to handle fulfillment on my own?”

(When you only have three clients. True story).

Experts tell us that less than 20% of your life actually comes down to a lack of information. It’s easy to learn new things. That means LESS THAN 20% of your results are going to come from the knowledge that you consume.

Sorry to the gurus out there who are getting rich by telling you that you NEED what they’re selling.

What you don’t have in your life is probably not a result of what you don’t know.

Normalcy and Belief

In order for you to generate $50k a month in revenue, you have to first believe that it’s possible and NORMAL.

If you spend all of your time around people who are making $50k a year, how do you expect to be able to make that in a month?

Yet we fall into the trap of what we think is normal, possible, or acceptable for our own lives. If you never believe it’s possible for you to bring in $50k a month in revenue, I GUARANTEE you’ll never do it.

You have to ask the right questions to find the right answers. – Taylor Welch

High-Performance Questions You Need to Ask Yourself:

What is needed for the IMMEDIATE next step in my business?

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Stop trying to solve tomorrow’s problems while you’re getting eaten alive in today’s mess.

Don’t think of the next 10 steps. That’s the best way to get completely overwhelmed.

Sometimes you just have to get out there and get money from people. We built Traffic and Funnels in the midst of trying to figure out what we were doing, but this doesn’t work forever. You have to deliver real results to the people who are giving you their money and not get stuck in an endless loop of trying to figure out all of the details before you take one step forward.

Is my time worth such that it’s cheaper to hire it out than to learn it?

This can go either way. Be cautious.

If you are doing $6k a month, do not build a team when you can’t figure out how to build healthy revenue for your business. If you’re one bad month away from disaster in your business, you’re in the hustle. It’s so much cheaper to learn how to do it yourself.

When your business is thriving (i.e. consistently doing $20k a month) there are things in your business that aren’t worth learning to do yourself. Don’t waste your time learning how to create a pixel. Find someone who already owns that skill, and focus on your genius.

Who in my circle of influence has bigger goals than I do?

If there is one (or less) person on that list, you’re in trouble.

It’s crucial to find people who are at the same level of success or higher than you to encourage, inspire, and help you recognize what is possible in your own life.

We like to think that we have the ability to rub off on those around us, bringing them up to our level. The truth is, it feels more comfortable to be the most successful person in a group. We find the people that will inflate our ego.

It’s hard to find people who are succeeding in life, who are more successful than you because it can make you feel insecure. I get it. But so many people live unimpressive lives. Not because they don’t have potential, but because they are continually finding people who will admire them, stroke their ego, and groom their complacency.

Be willing to get uncomfortable. That’s the only way to the top.

Is my TANGIBLE ENVIRONMENT adding to, or taking away from the belief that I am capable of being wildly successful?

Be wise with your money, but take some pride in your tangible environment.

Every time you are “thrifty” (aka cheap) you are reinforcing the belief that you are poor. You reinforce a belief of scarcity.

When you put on that nice outfit, walk into the office that you intentionally take care of, or get into the car that you’re proud of, you’re reminding your subconscious that you take your environment seriously.

“Your tangible environment has to validate who you want to be.” – Taylor Welch

Maybe you need to brush up on the mindset of high performance in order to ask yourself (and others) the right questions. As long as you play at the same level, you’ll never grow into your full potential. Learn to think like a high performer and you’ll go further than you thought possible.

P.S. We talked about this topic in even more detail in a recent podcast episode if you want more.

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