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Couple months ago Chris and I had a batch of 9 clients struggling to really leverage their expertise and get control over their businesses. 

They had goals of $20-30K a month, but all 9 of them undercharged. 

The big problem? Part of it was mindset. Part of it was how they were “selling.” But the real issue beneath it all was how the offers were constructed.

Example: You help people get in shape.

Offer A: Serve people who are WAY over weight and you want to help them lose 100 lbs. You give them custom meal plans.

You charge 100 bucks. Lazy client. Results come slowly. 

$50K a month is almost impossible.

Offer B: Semi-healthy executives who want to lose 15 lbs so they can run their companies without losing energy. You give them an 8 week program w/ bi-weekly calls.

You charge 8K. Easy client. Results come quickly. 

$50K a month only takes 6 clients.

As you’ll see in a sec, charging $5K+ per client can be pretty easy… 

A lot of our clients come in thinking they’re “different” and telling themselves they can’t charge a lot of money because…

“The results I bring aren’t monetary”

“My market doesn’t have money”

“I don’t have enough ‘demand’ to leverage”

“My competitors only charge x”

“I don’t have enough testimonials”

“My skill is unique”

… when in reality they’re just making up excuses because it’s uncomfortable to charge a lot… they can’t see the problem… or they don’t know what levers to pull.

So we go into their business, adjust their offer “packaging”, and within days they’re charging 5K, 10K, 20K (or more) per client…

After doing it thousands of times, it’s like riding a bike:

  • Pete T: from 1500 for 6 months, to 7,500 for 2 months (with 8-10 clients a month)
  • Tasha B: was charging 150/hr! To 4,200 per client for 8 week program
  • Cherylanne S: 2-3k/mo in dozens with 100 clients.. to 150k per month with 11 clients
  • JR: 3x his monthly income & reduced his work-hours to <20/week
  • Hannah B: $250 offer → $3,000 offer… Same service. Same time & energy spent
  • Dan G: 3x his original rate
  • Katya S: 2x her monthly revenue
  • Peter F: Increase in monthly revenue by $20,000 and actually doing less

Now, each of these clients invested $10K+ with us for private coaching… 

And normally you’d have to do the same if you wanted our help packaging a high-ticket offer that allows you to charge $5,000+ per client… 

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And you’ll be getting access to the exact same training those 9 clients above used to double and triple their income (literally) overnight… 

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I’ll see ya inside,