Selecting WHO You Serve, WHAT You Do For Them, and HOW You Do It

Selecting WHO You Serve, WHAT You Do For Them, and HOW You Do It

How to Charge $8k-12k For Your Offer and LOVE the Clients You Attract

Raising Your Income Has Nothing To Do With Your “Work Hours” … It’s How You Position Your Expertise

Here's What You'll Learn:


The “Perfect Offer” formula – Previously reserved for our private clients only…. this is the fastest and simplest way to create a highly profitable offer your market can't resist.

The fastest path to burnout – and how you can easily avoid this career ending mistake.

What people always get wrong about “price objections” (truth is… cutting your clients “a deal” could be your biggest rip off ever).

DISCOVER: The one critical error (with a dead easy solution) that's robbing you of clients and draining your accounts…

The single biggest lever for more growth in your business… Pull this and you could see immediate results.

The quickest way to CONVINCE your market that you're a total amateur… (MOST entrepreneurs make this disastrous mistake).

You should never call out your market's flaws, right? … WRONG! Discover why your market will LOVE you for shining a light on their biggest fears and insecurities…

The Four key questions you must answer if you're ever going to feel fulfilled with your offer…

Hey, I’m Taylor Welch, co-founder of Traffic & Funnels… and I’m about to give you my greatest secret…

The model for MY OWN explosive growth…

  • My FIRST year in business: $32k that year
  • My SECOND year in business: $785k
  • My THIRD year in business: $3M

It’s safe to say that I have personally crafted hundreds (if not thousands ) of finely tuned, highly profitable offers over the last three years…

And up ‘till now – my business and my high ticket clients have been the only ones to benefit…

But that all changes today.

Because I’m prepared to pull back the curtain on years of meticulous study and millions of dollars in testing to give YOU the same opportunity to grow… Because You CANNOT build the life or the income you crave if you are not:

  • articulating your value appropriately…
  • charging enough economically… OR
  • fulfilled by the clients you’re serving…


Rick: went from charging $300 a month to $9,800 up front

Pete: went from $1,500 over 6 months to $7,500 over 2 months

Tasha: went from charging $150 an hour to $4,200 per client

Cherylanne: went from $2,000-3,000 a month in revenue with 100 clients > to $150,000 per month with 12 clients

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