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Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Own Success?

As a freelancer, you’ve probably been bombarded with (mostly unsolicited!) marketing advice. You know, “fool-proof” lead gen strategies and content creation methods that marketing “gurus” – even friends and family! – swear will help you scale your business, fast. 

I’ve heard it all before too. Because when I first started freelancing, I was struggling. I needed to learn how to get quality clients that valued my work (and actually paid me for it!). And I needed to stop wasting my time with toxic clients that sucked the life right out of me. 

But I didn’t know how to find those clients. 

What was I doing wrong? It seemed like everyone was living the $100K freelance dream . . . except me

So I decided to do things my own way. And you know what? It worked. 

I’ve left the days of constant struggle behind. My business partner Chris and I are living out our wildest dreams. And we’re here to show you the ropes. Because – let’s be real – the strategies the “gurus” give you . . . they just don’t work. And actually, there are seven common marketing myths that could be killing your dream of becoming a high-earning freelancer.

Myth #1: You’ve got to pour your energy into Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Ok, I’m sure you’ve heard this one: “Consistently posting content on social media is the best way to get noticed.” I know I heard it when I first started freelancing.  

I was posting regularly, following a schedule that was supposed to be “optimal for engagement.” And sure, I got some engagement . . . from my industry buddies! My posts certainly weren’t translating to new clients. 

If you put my DMs from clients in a room, there’d be an echo – my inbox was that empty. 

Everywhere you look, you’re being told it’s how you’re posting or what you’re posting that’s the problem. The real problem? Focusing all your energy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Myth #2: LinkedIn is THE place to find high-budget clients

Speaking of social media engagement . . . LinkedIn is the premier spot to find high-paying clients, right? 

But your connection requests? Ignored. Your notifications? Filled with spammy group invites. And your time? Wasted aimlessly browsing your feed just to see contrived posts from other marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. 

It doesn’t take long to discover that it’s not as easy to connect with those dream clients as you’ve been led to believe. In fact, the average person only spends 17 minutes on LinkedIn each month!

That means the likelihood that your dream client will see your post is practically nil.

Myth #3: Start an email list (and then actually email the list!)

So, social media bombed. But they say if you start your own email list you can grab your audience’s full attention. All you have to do is build a list of engaged readers who are interesting in the things you talk about . . .

Seriously, how realistic is that? Most freelancers don’t have the energy or resources to wait for long-term growth. You need growth right now.

And, besides trying to find the time, how exactly do you grow your list without dishing out major cash on ads? And don’t get me started on actually writing regular emails.

It’s all possible, but navigating those waters can be rough.

Maybe schedule building a list in the distant future (like far, far, away!). Right now, there are better ways to grow.

Myth #4: You’ll only grow as big as your network

Let’s be clear: Networking is essential. It’s a great way to gain valuable industry insights and build stronger relationships with others in your field.

The problem? Everyone you’re meeting is in the same boat as you. They’re all looking for leads too.

Network to bolster your relationships, play the long game, and stay current on industry trends (or even sus out the competition!). But don’t rely on networking to bring in new clients.

Myth #5: If you want to scale, you’ve got to blog

Even freelance writers get overwhelmed by this suggestion. It doesn’t have anything to do with actually writing a blog. It’s all the extra decisions and skills that go along with writing the blog.  

  • You have to pick the right topic (at the right time). 
  • Then get the article shared (you know so people can actually find it to read). 
  • And become an SEO savant. 

. . . Oh, and don’t forget you have to produce a fantastically compelling blog free of errors and full of all the human emotions. (Because you’ll be competing with the AI writing robots!). 

I mean, I’m tired just thinking of doing all that. Especially when I think of the 12-hour days I used to work just to put food on the table.

Myth #6: Guest blog and get on podcasts!

Speaking of blogs, you’ll want to be awesome enough that someone else wants you to blog on their site too. Or interview you on their podcast. 

I bet no one told you becoming a PR pro was going to become a part of your freelancing life. Even more disheartening? This tactic never pays out right away. The success of guest appearances is measured in multiple months (sometimes even years!), not weeks.

So how does this tactic help you generate money right now? (It doesn’t!)

Myth #7: The only thing left... cold pitching strangers

If the idea of cold pitching doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, you’re one of the elite few. If you’re like the rest of us, reaching out to a complete stranger when you don’t know anything about how they will react is terrifying. 

Ok, that might be a little dramatic. But it doesn’t feel very good. 

There are so many unanswered questions. Do they have a budget? Do they know the value of your offer? Are they going to even bother responding? 

You’re left spending countless hours researching and crafting perfect pitches for emails that will probably end up in their spam folder or trash. That doesn’t sound like very much fun (or a good use of your time).

There's freedom in the fast lane...

I know, I probably just blew up all your hopes and plans for getting better clients. 

So what should you be doing to land high-ticket clients and grow your business into a high-earning career? 

(Don’t worry, you can do more than just shut your eyes and hope high-paying clients fall from the sky into your inbox.)

I reveal exactly how to attract the perfect prospects in Freelance Fastlane

And the best part? If you follow my outline, it’ll only take you 1–2 hours per week. 

How much more could you accomplish when you stop wasting time on old-school marketing tactics? (Yeah, these days, even some of those OG social media strategies are considered old-school!)  

What if you could finally put an end to toxic relationships with nightmare clients? 

And have a constant stream of projects every month? 

What if you could hit your income goals out of the park?  

And find freedom from the monthly struggle? 

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In your service,
– T