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“No mercy marketing happens when your audience can’t escape your brilliance, genius, and how you can revolutionize their lives and their businesses.” – Taylor Welch

Getting people to take action is the game when it comes to marketing.

When you understand what your audience's wants and needs are and can set the right expectations, you will achieve your marketing goals while minimizing time, energy, and money you spend on getting your message heard.

That’s where “No Mercy” marketing comes in.

“Your goal is to build trust, authority, and believability. Your audience either doesn’t believe you or they don’t believe in themselves because they’ve failed over and over.” – Taylor Welch

No mercy marketing is when your audience wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about you.

When they’re ready to buy, they’re thinking about you.

Being “top of mind” isn’t easy if you don’t have the assets and systems you need to put in place. 

Step 1: Deliver Your Best Content First

When someone lands on your website, landing page, or their property, they should get your best content right away. But most business owners haven’t taken the time to figure out what that content is. If that’s you, then start by listing out all of your best pieces. Create a categorized list that you include on your fan page so that your audience has the best you have to offer all in one place. 

Step 2: Prioritize Your Content

Start paying attention to what your market is saying. Look at the responses you get and prioritize the best content pieces. A good starting point is to have 20-30 pieces of content to deliver to your audience. Put these pieces in your Facebook campaigns so that they run in front of each person throughout the week. Keep an eye on your repetition and relevance score.  

Test this process for 30 days to see the results you get before creating a new audience and repeating the process. No Mercy marketing is about building up the trust and creating the relationships you need to be the premier choice for anyone looking for services or products like yours. 

What are the pains, problems, and issues your audience grapples with? What does hell look like for them? What’s the pathway to heaven, and how can you deliver that? Identify these elements and use them when you’re creating content and ad campaigns. 

This is exactly how we scaled Traffic and Funnels hit a milestone last year – ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN REVENUE in a single month and we’ve gone on to do so every month since. If you want to invest in scaling your business, check out this Million Dollar Month Training where we show you EXACTLY how we did it.