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Super personal (what to do in the ruts)

Super Personal

This post gets a bit personal… but it’s all true and I think it will help you as you’re slugging it out in the entrepreneurial grind ;-)

So last week was rough.

You know how some weeks you feel like no matter what happens it can’t get you down?


Like last week for me, nothing seemed to go right.

Anytime you grow, things are bound to break. Software issues… client issues.

Look just because we’re a bigger company with employees and stuff doesn’t mean things are chill and easy and we don’t ever have to fix things when they’re broken.

We’re in a constant cycle of grow, break, fix, grow, break, fix. It’s how everybody does it…

But last week I was just feeling sorry for myself.

Even simple things were going wrong. Like stupid crap, for instance… one day I went over to let the blinds down and the string broke, blinds came crashing down with a bang and pushed a case of newsletters over and my coffee poured into the floor.

I’m literally staring at my floor (and my coffee) and thinking to myself, “why is my life so hard.”


It’s embarrassing talking about it now cause obviously it doesn’t ever STAY like this…

But man, when you’re in a rut you’re in a rut.

Here are two lessons that I’ve learned over the years to help you through these “ruts.”


This sounds so simple but seriously… half the battle when you’re feeling like everything’s going against you is the fact that you feel (for some weird reason) like things should be easy.

No, they shouldn’t.

To get anything good out of your business, life, relationships, etc – you must pay the price.

Expect the rut to get ya every once in a while and then, when you’re in one, think to yourself, “This is the normal price that I must pay to be great. Lesser men/women would give up, complain, want to quit – but I will make it through to the other side.”

That’s important. To constantly be thinking the right way about these moments when they come.


Seriously, the biggest way to pull through these times faster, is by the people you’re around.

Now there are 2 ways to do this…

One is the people you hang with, personally, maybe in your city or who you get dinner with, etc. To be honest, during the first few years of my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t have any friends where we lived who were seriously about business, self development, etc…

So I went for option two: masterminds.

I started being very serious about who I connected with online. Developing relationships with people who were driven, focused… etc.

Some of these masterminds I paid for, and a few of them were very expensive.

100% worth it.


Part of why I LOVE what we get to do so much with our programs is because of this.

When you work with me and Chris, you don’t just get us, personally, involved with you to build your business…

…You get an environment that is hand built from the ground up to FOCUS you, keep you hungry, driven, stretch your goals, and give you serious insight into what’s actually possible in your business.

I could send you a thousand testimonials (or you can just go see them here), but what people don’t often realize is this: your level of growth is DIRECTLY correlated to the growth of the people around you.

That’s why we screen as hard as we do.

A) We gotta be able to actually help you do what you want to do
B) You gotta be a grown up and not come in polluting everyone with your bad attitude


Anyways… the “ruts” are often times very strategic. They make you pause, think, and grow up to that next level…

Let us know if you want to chat – and hopefully this post helped you a little bit!

Talk soon,
Taylor (and Chris)