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The “2-step” post strategy for more messenger conversations, a.k.a “shakin’ what yo’ momma gave ya,” is the organic post strategy for creating more messenger conversations with people who are an ideal fit for your offer. 

More messenger conversations means more phone calls with prospects and ultimately more clients (and income) for you.

Here’s my guide on how to use the “2-step” post strategy for more messenger conversations.

Quick note: If you haven’t already read my article on How to Use Facebook to Get Clients, you’re missing out on a ton of value.

So, What is The “2-Step” Post Strategy For More Messenger Conversations?

To use an analogy: Imagine your market as a squirrel. If you want to get the squirrel out of the tree, you can’t just run up to the tree and start screaming. You need finesse.

Instead, you need to put a peanut at the bottom of the tree. And then another one a few feet back, and another… until finally the squirrel is at the park bench eating out of your hand.

Essentially that’s what the “2-step” organic strategy is like. You put a little bait out there (a “2-step’ organic post) and you get the market to come out of the tree and connect with you in the form of a comment. 

From there you follow up with a fulfillment message via messenger.

A “2-step” Post Contains 3 Essential Components:

  1. The initial post, which is designed explicitly to gauge interest & create engagement.
  2. A “fulfillment” message or response that sends people to a custom piece of content page designed to produce a calendar booking.
  3. Your fulfillment content, which can be a short video (or audio) that explains the WHAT (not how) of a concept and then says “Hey you know what? I’ve actually set aside some time to help you with this on a more personal note. If you’d like that, use the button below to book a time to chat.”

Let me break down these components a bit more for you.

Component 1: The Initial Post

This leverages the idea of “micro-flow” and “micro-commitments.” If you can get someone to comment on your post saying “Yes, I’m interested” then they are much more likely to watch the message of the video content that you send them in component 2. 

Then from there, they are much more likely to actually book a call with you. This is because they have gotten into a state of flow, and it is much more difficult to get out of it than it is to get in.

In fact, a lot of times when we do a 2-step organic post, we’ll post the gauge for interest and we won’t have the fulfillment done. Because If nobody is interested, we won’t make the content. 

But if so many people are like “yes, yes yes.” and “I need it” or “send it to me” then we’ll go make a piece of content, then send it to people.

Here’s an example:

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Component 2: The “Fulfillment Message”

When someone comments on your post saying “I want it,” you then send them a private message over messenger, leading them to a page URL with your content.

Component 3: The Fulfillment Content

Your page URL is where they can watch or read your content, then book a call with you. This leads to a flood of strategy sessions. 

The “book a call” part is critical. Make sure you have a call to action on this page or people won’t book a call with you.

Here's an example of what one of my fulfillment pages looks like:

Why The “2-Step” Post Strategy Is A Long-Term Valuable Asset

These organic posts will become long-term assets for your business. I still get notifications of people commenting on my stuff saying they want in. My team now follows up via private messages on messenger, and the bookings come in.

When you do this successfully, you will see a lot of comments. It’s a great way to gauge what your market wants, so you can tailor your offer.

If you're stuck on what to do after the messenger stage, check out my article on how to effortlessly take people from messenger to phone call.

Who Is The “2-Step” Post Strategy For?

Agency owners, service providers, coaches of all types, consultants, etc. all use this strategy. 

Over 70% of our clients come in and start making money without any paid traffic at all. The “2-step post strategy is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Get Out There and Start Making Money

The “2-Step” post strategy for more messenger conversations is a great way to start getting clients and generating revenue online.

Now go get out there and make your first 2-step organic post on your profile and in a facebook group. Let your market see it. Interact with them. Push forward.

If you want to go deeper into this, I put together a training course helping you get clients on Facebook called News Feed Authority.

In your service,


Become the Go-To Authority and Land Clients…

Learn how to land clients like a pro using your own 2-steps (without ever spending a cent on paid ads) by using our premium training; News Feed Authority.

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