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I’m about to show you 3 simple areas of business that produce exponential results from little effort.

If that sounds like BS — I’ve got the math — and the proof to show you…

And while we’re at it, let's make it a test and see if you can’t easily bump up your profit from understanding these areas.

Let’s get into it. You may have heard of these before… but I promise you won’t see it mapped about and applied like I’m about to show you.

Increase Total Clients – What most people are tripping over themselves to do.

Increase Spending Amount – Easy in practice, hard in execution.

Increase Buying Frequency – The most undiscovered and valuable portion of a business (ever).

To make this simple… I’ll show you a client’s (Ryan) business — the circus — and inside Traffic and Funnels™ too.

Once you read the mapping below – think deeply about your business, what you’re missing and what you can do to improve.

So, firstly we’re covering…

Increasing Total Clients:



  • Client flow before = Sporadic, unpredictable. Not creating more than 2 or 3 opportunities a month. Would rely on random luck to get the client.
  • Client flow now = repeatable system. Stacking new clients on top of old standing old clients (massive recurring income on top of front-end revenue).


  • Cirque du Soleil created a new market by mimicking the theatre = more availability of customers. Revenue totalled $791 million in 2017. — 2000% better than the average circus.

Traffic and Funnels™:

  • Before: Chris and I emailing our 117 person email list — no branding — doing podcasts and selling $7 products to bring clients in.
  • Now: Full end-to-end attraction systems — multiple closers – more than 37 people on team fulfilling, following up and growing.
  • Test: What is your ability to attract new clients… at will?

Increase Prices:



  • Came charging $2K for monthly services.
  • Now, he’s got a repackaged offer with a unique front-end that makes it easier to get clients to buy into… and stay on for. Result = charging $5K+


  • Instantly high price point… because it’s technically a “theatre” (not your run of the mill circus).

Traffic and Funnels™:

  • Up more than double since we started. With pricing this way, we can control the supply and demand in the marketplace relative to the results Chris and I want to produce.
  • Test: Are you pricing relative to your results, time and effort?

Pricing Frequency:



  • Frequency of purchase before: 3-4 months.
  • Now – 6 months minimum – because of a new backend system installed.


  • Normal circus = ONE time thing
  • Cirque du Soleil model = multiple productions, story and full production (aka – a reason to come back and finish up the series).

Traffic and Funnels™:

  • Before: One tier-offer
  • After: Multiple tiers (which extends our LTV. We have clients who’ve stayed with us for multiple years.)
  • Test: How frequently are people repurchasing your services?

Increase Total Clients, Increase Spending Amount, and Increase Buying Frequency

Now there’s some major innovations you should’ve gleaned from this. But there’s an even better part…

Because in case by case, minor “bumps” in each of the areas produces dramatic results in revenue.

In fact, just run the basic numbers:

4 clients —> 5 clients

Pricing at $2,000 —> $2,500

Frequency of 3 months —> 5 months (new backend)

Now, $24K in revenue becomes $63K.

Monthly cash flow is up to $13K per month (from 8K). These tiny shifts have more than doubled revenue.

And I can guarantee you are dramatically undervaluing these in your business.

Now, here comes the good part…

This little strategy is the first thing we work ON in our client’s businesses. Done first, it lets us focus on…

  1. Easier client flow…
  2. Longer Client retention…

… to continually focus on exponential increases in your business from tiny adjustments.

It’s also why I want to extend our help to you.

See, we have a team of coaches who are ready to plug these strategies and systems into your business.

Legit, within a week you’ll already have done the above. And that’s before…

… we get into attraction systems

… paid ads

… or even automation to increase your time for sales.

And once we set this in your business… the sky's the limit.

So… why not you?

We’re over here wondering why you’re holding yourself back… especially when you’ve seen how simple strategic tweaks create revenue transformations practically out of thin air.

When you’re ready, book a call with our team.

No obligation — you can plug the following into your business and leave if you want.

In your service,

– T

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