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Do you want to be the best that ever played the game? 

In the quest to build, grow, and make it to the top, sometimes it can be really easy to forget what we signed up for. 

Do you want to be the best, or do you want balance?

In order for LeBron James to be a legend he doesn’t get to place things above basketball. Basketball is his life. 

“You do not get to a place of mastery without sacrifice.” – Taylor Welch (6:50 – 7:00) 

Never forget. Being the best is possible, but it will cost you.

You aren’t going to get to a $50k month while pursuing the life balance of a Walmart employee. 

Are you willing to pay the price? 

Behavior optimization is an integral aspect of our training at Traffic and Funnels. When we stop to align our behaviors with our ideal scenario, we can run with efficiency and longevity. 

Consistency is Key. 

We would rather our sales people have a 25% close rate every week than to ride the rollercoaster of great weeks followed by complete failures. 

The tools we have implemented into our business give us accuracy and consistency in our growth. Our numbers speak for themselves. 

Mind Vitamins. 

Take these tools like a vitamin. Use them to analyze your goals and behaviors (also, take some daily mind medicine while you're at it)

Chess vs. Checkers 

How often have you let a bad day turn into a bad week, which leads to a bad month? When we put a lot of weight into our daily goals, and perhaps fall into the trap of setting goals that are too big/unrealistic, it can knock us off track real fast. 

Setting your goals should be likened to chess. 

Think about your time in the terms of the following pieces. 

The pawns represent weeks, knights months, the queen represents your quarters, and the king is your year. 

When playing chess, the masters are always looking ahead several moves. The entire game rests on strategy. 

A great chess player knows that at times it is worth it (and completely necessary) to sacrifice a pawn in pursuit of the opponent’s knight. Don’t let a bad week derail your month. There are times when that week, if you allow it, will set you up for the rest of the month. 

“People fail because they focus on the championship. We focus on winning every play. And if we win every play we win the quarter if we when all of  the quarters we win all of the games. If we win all of the games we win the championship.” – Nick Saben (10:04-10:29)

Begin to construct your weeks to move towards your monthly goals, your months in pursuit of your quarterly goals, and so on. People fail because they focus on the championship. Be focused on putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together to hit those long term goals. 

Accuracy is the greatest drug that brings control. 

Our team is able to consistently hit our targets each month and quarter by utilizing projections. Projections run the economy of our sales team. We utilize these numbers to help determine the sales that each member of the team will make each day. 

“Do you know what’s more powerful than setting big goals?Setting a goal and hitting that goal. True prowess as a sales professional is all about controlling your results.” – Taylor Welch (13:21-13:36)

The greatest tool that you can put in your arsenal is the ability to accurately say what you’re planning to bring in, and actually hitting that mark. We value this above setting massive goals (Grant Cardone style). 

When you set massive goals and miss those goals, you’re still a loser. It can be so discouraging to miss the mark. Our philosophy is that it is so much better to set realistic goals and hit those goals consistently. 

Unfortunately, projections are a bit like the weather. The sales team can start the month with healthy projections, but then everything can fall apart. Apps don’t look great. Sales aren’t closed. They can be doing all of the right things, but projections are just that, projections. And they can be unpredictable. 

Because of this, projections serve two purposes. 

Projections can modify your behavior

When the month’s sales aren’t matching the projections, it can be a wake up call to get to work and figure out how to make it happen. It becomes necessary to warp reality to achieve the results you want. 

Projections can reset your expectations.

There are times when, as hard as you grind, as much as you work, the numbers aren’t going to line up with the projections. That just happens. Too often we try to hang in there and absolutely exhaust ourselves trying to make something happen that just won’t. 

If we planned a lake day and there ended up being a tornado warning, we would not go to the lake. Duh. We would reset our expectations and not risk our lives to try to follow through on an expectation that was set. We also don’t let that one day ruin the rest of our month. We can try again another weekend. 

Be willing to modify your behavior to an extent, but be aware enough to recognize when there are times you need to adjust your projections to protect your from the discouragement of disappointment, and maintain accuracy. 

Sustaining high performance for a long period of time can be so difficult. Don’t be someone who is unwilling to adjust. We’ve been there. We’ve had incredible highs followed by the lulls, the lows, that can cause us to sink into the questions about our sanity, our decision making, our identity. It takes a different stature to sustain high performance for a long period of time. Don’t get stuck in a place of perpetual disappointment. Pay the price, and make the sacrifice needed to adapt.

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