The Dark Underbelly of “Success”

By August 24, 2016 Psychology

“Anybody can throw a punch. Most can't take a punch. Even fewer can get up off the canvas after a punch has put them there. Hardly anybody can get up off the canvas a lot.” – George Foreman (boxer)

This post is dark.

But it should be pretty helpful if you’re a high performer, or desire to be a high performer.

Not enough people talk about the sh*t – they tend to look at the “idols” and “gurus” and wonder, “Why isn’t it that easy for me, eh?”

Here’s the dirty secret: it hits us all.

There are soooo many times, especially looking back at my career and Chris’ too, when we both wanted to quit.

And we both thought, “When I arrive, it’ll all be so worth it. We’ll never feel this way again.”

The problem with thinking like that is something my first coach, Seth, used to tell me al the time:

New levels new devils.

Every time you level up the freakin’ whole universe conspires against you. Tries to pull you down and keep you from the promised land…

One of my favorite quotes is by a guy Kekich and goes like this :

“Life operates in reverse action to entropy. Therefore the universe is hostile to life. Progress is a continued effort to swim against the stream.”

If you don’t believe that’s true, go try to do something worthwhile and you’ll feel it a few days in.


This post ends well :) Just hang with me…

Back to my original purpose for writing this: I DO NOT think enough players are talking about this…

In some ways, it truly does get easier. In other ways, it gets harder…

The end result is the same: there’s always a problem to solve, a mountain to climb, and something you will have to grow through to reach the other side.


Is one of those days I’m “eating my own dog food” (so to speak). All the mindset stuff we preach and teach people – I’m using it for myself.

It was always for myself originally anyways – and it always works.

…Eventually :-)

The people you think are “there” and have “arrived,” they’re just in a different quarter of the same game…

Maybe they’re playing at a different intensity or with more confidence here or there or whatever…

…But something “being hard” is never an excuse to not be great. We all have the choice to either cut excuses for ourselves… or push through and grow.

So far, I’ve always chosen the latter, and don’t plan on that ever changing. It’s why I’m where I am and many others – many much more talented even than I am – are stuck…

Eventually it’ll all come back down to the mental game and how you choose to play.

Alright I’m hopping off…

Keep chugging :-)