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Ever gotten to the end of your consult, gave your price, and been laughed off the phone? It absolutely sucks. It’s painful, humiliating, and makes you want to quit. Have you ever bought a bad service yourself?? This is what the Evolution of Service is all about. It’s about selecting WHO you want to serve, WHAT you want to do for them, and finally — HOW you do it.
Evolution of Service

The Who, the What, and the How

Today we're going to go deep into the Who, the What, and the How, everything that you need to create a powerful offer. This offer needs to, if you will pardon the cliche of what I'm about to say, sell itself. It comes down to who you want to serve, what you want to do for them, and then how you're going to do it for them.

There are a couple of fundamental truths that we have to agree on before actually teach you how to fine-tune and craft your offers. Number one: charging less than you deserve leads to burnouts and ultimately decay. If you do not make the amount of money that you are capable and deserving of from the work you do, you'll run out of time to optimize “the how.” Number two: have you ever bought a bad service? Got a “deal?” Then it was a rip-off?? It’s never a rip off because of the price it’s always a rip off because the OFFER isn’t capable of solving the problem.

What I’m proposing

Here’s the deal, if you don’t fix your offer and start charging what you’re worth — you’re going to become that rip off to other people. If you are charging discounts attempting to solve million-dollar problems for a dollar fifty, at the end of the day, the economics are not in your favor. You aren’t actually going to be able to provide the best service to people. Everyone buys for a variety of reasons, but almost every single time we buy due to price, it will end in regret because it’s not the reason you should be making that decision.

You. Should. Be. Charging. More.

In the Evolution of Service, we are going to show you how to do that. How to raise the price of your offer and attract better clients. Here’s one final truth: The right offer, at the right time, at the right price, can solve almost every problem you have in your life, your business, your relationships, and your health. Isn't it true? The right offer, at the right time, at the right price, can literally solve almost every problem that people experience.

Designing Offer Economics

Everything that goes into creating a great offer comes from five things:

  1. Size of the problem
  2. Time prospect has been experiencing problems
  3. Sophistication of problem
  4. Degree of certainty with which you can solve the problem
  5. The speed at which you can solve the problem

The efficacy of your offer hinges on these things. Understanding the size of the problem is relatively simple. How annoying is the problem, how big of a pain point is this on a regular basis? The time a prospect has been experiencing problems is going to a disproportionately larger than the amount that someone is going to want to pay for it.

How sophisticated is the problem? The sophistication of a problem is inversely correlated to the number of people who can compete with you to solve the same thing. Low sophistication = a lot of competitors. High sophistication = less competition. The sophistication of a problem can be one of the biggest levers. The certainty to which you know you will be able to solve a problem will also be able to increase your payday. Finally, the speed to which you can fix the problem increases your cost. Fundamentally freelancing is great, however, the business model is broken. The better you get, the faster you get, the less money you make because you charge per hour. It should be flipped around. It should be reversed. So we have to take you from a freelance model to a business owner model, which says the better I get in the faster I get, the more money I make. Okay? So you can see where who, what, and how fits in all of these different things?

Closing thoughts

Now that you understand how you identify what goes into designing a good offer want to learn more. You are in luck. The Evolution of Service is one of Traffic and Funnel's free webinars. All you have to do is register here and you’ll gain access to the course and be able to learn how to refine your offer. Let us know in the comments! Also, don't miss out on the benefits of becoming a Podcast Community Subscriber today. If you haven't already, subscribe to The Traffic and Funnels ShowDaily Mind Medicine, and don't forget to come back to the blog every Friday.

In your service,

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