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In the early days of Traffic and Funnels, we would do just about anything to try and land a client. Cold calling, blogging, SEO, begging for referrals, we were desperate to find anyone who would trust us enough to become a client. The most frustrating thing about it all was that we knew what we were doing! Our clients were already experiencing incredible results and we were literally changing lives. But at the same time – we looked out at the market and saw dozens of competitors with LESS experience and way less care for their clients raking in all the clients and money. Maybe you can relate?

Well, that’s exactly what our Holy Grail is for…to teach you how to become THE authority in your market, how to attract the best prospects…and how to start closing more clients by doing just three simple things That sound like something you would want to learn? Great! Then you're in the right place.

Determining Direction

When you are contemplating the next steps for your business it is important to keep the specific needs of your ideal target market and or clientele in mind. It is also extremely important to examine and fully understand the “why” of what you are doing. 

We regularly and religiously evaluate and analyze how we work. We are always looking for ways to improve and to increase our efficacy. When we do this we use a framework of three questions to help us evaluate. 

Question 1: Am I struggling Unnecessarily? 

Just because things are hard now doesn’t mean they have to be. Are there other solutions, strategies, or philosophies that could help me achieve my targets? Just because others are struggling, others are grinding, others are pulling 90 hour work weeks, doesn’t justify you not achieving what you want. The excuse of “well everyone else was doing it” didn’t work when you were 11 and sure as hell won't work now. 

Question 2: Is what I’m doing working?

It is shocking how often, when you really sit back and evaluate, we allow ourselves to continue doing things that we know aren’t working. The data is clear, the results are obvious. And yet? We still continue to repeat the same patterns and tactics because we simply don’t know what else to do. This hasn’t worked before, do you think continuing the behavior will? That's the literal definition of insanity. 

Question 3 Who has already solved his for me? 

We have spent large sums of money finding and bringing on mentors to help guide Chris and me. People who have already accomplished what we are aiming for, to shepherd us. To share their knowledge with us so we don’t have to learn the lessons the hard way. This is what we want to share with you today.

We’ve been where you are,  struggled to get things going and to achieve the goals we wanted for ourselves and our families. We’ve distilled this down into a system we call the Holy Grail of Marketing. There are three points to this system the first of which we’ll cover today (more on that in a bit)

The Holy Grail of Marketing

In the Holy Grail of Marketing, there are only three things you need to know.  HG Point 1: You only need ONE very good, effective offer that people love to buy. 

One. Uno. Aon. That's it. Just one. Too often we try to offer solutions for everything, a solution for each day of the week and we do them all poorly. In truth, you only need ONE offer that people keep buying. 

Narrowing Scope

Determining what your One good offer can be boiled down to two points: Clarity and Potency.


      1. Choose one main problem and make sure your audience knows that “this is what YOU do”. 
      2. It’s a temptation to take the buckshot approach with this one. Why not create a solution that solves MANY problems? Too many choices gets your audience confused. 


      1. How much ‘torque’ your offer has. a big solution to a big problem instead of ‘small solution to small problems’ 
      2. Ideally, your solution solves a BIG problem that everyone hates doing. The bigger problem the more folks will be looking for solutions.
      3. Most big solutions have less stuff than small solutions.  For instance, a 4-week offer can be “bigger” than a 12-month offer IF it’s solving a bigger problem. 

Pro tip when considering this question: What problem are you the best at solving? Once you know that align that natural inclination with the problems the market hates most.  So do we have your attention yet? Click here to watch the Holy Grail of Marketing training.

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