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In today's blog, we're digging a bit into our newer products: The Invisible Anti-Funnel. This training provides a fresh methodology that does not revolve around blogs, podcasts, webinars, or websites. I know, I know. Crazy right? The content of this edition of the blog comes from the opening module just give you a little taste.

Are you a ‘broke expert? The Invisible Anti-Funnel

Listen, I’m gonna give you some tough love. I actually do care for you. Not only this, but Taylor and I have witnessed story after story of people who were at the end of their rope and had ​​​NO​​​ CHOICE ​​​but ​​​to ​​​go​​​ ALL ​​​in​​​ on​ themselves.​​​ And​​​ they ​​​WON!​ ​​So​ ​​there​ ​​is​​​pretty​​​ much​​​ no scenario that we haven’t seen someone “make it”. Everything you need to pull in the revenue​​​ you​​​ want​​​ and​​​ work​​​ with​​​ the ​​​clients ​​​you​​​ want​​​-​​​​IS ​​​100%​​​ doable!​​

There are many reasons why you are where you are in your business and if you don’t break the cycle and the crap you’re feeding yourself then you will stay in a place of constant frustration, ​​​anxiety, ​​​stress ​​​, and​​​ overwhelm.​ YOU​​​ need​​​ to​​​ identify​​​ the ​​​reasons​​​for​​​ you.​​​ Why​​​ are​​​ YOU ​​​stuck.​​? Here​​​ lemme​​​ help ​​​you.​​​ Grab​​​ a​​ sheet of paper and I want you to write all these down – honestly. Let’s get this list rolling…

Reason 1. You’re a knowledge “addict” 

All you do is consume information and you actually get a high off of it. You might not actually go through the course you’ve bought but just the sheer act of buying it gets you going. You don’t take action.

Reason 2. You’ve been “burned” before

This is one of my favs. Lol.  Who ​​​hasn’t​​​ been​​​burned? ​​​Seriously.​​​ Think​​​ Taylor​​​ and ​​​I​​​ haven’t ​​​been ​​​burned?  Of​​​ course,​​​ we ​​​have.​​​We’ve​​​ bought​​​ services​​​ that​​​ didn’t​​​ deliver.​​​ We’ve​​​ bought​​​ courses​​​ that​​ absolutely​​​ sucked.​​​ Facebook​ has ​​​used​​​ and​​​ abused ​​​us​​​ on​ ​​more​​​ than​​​ just​​​ one ​​​occasion.​​ It never stops so just get over it or go get a day job.

Reason 3​​​_______________​​​​(fill​​​ in​ ​​the ​​​blank)​.​​​​ 

We​​​ could ​​keep ​​​going ​​​on ​​​ALL ​​​the ​​​reasons ​​​but ​​​let’s ​​​just ​​​leave ​​​it ​​​here.​ The ​​​point​​ ​is ​​​we’re ​​​always ​​​going​​​ to​​​ create ​​​excuses​​​ because we think​ we’re protecting ourselves. It’s in our  DNA to “survive”.  In many cases, though we’re only hurting ourselves because we’re not progressing in life. We​​​ create​​​ imaginary​​​ doomsday​​​ scenarios​​​ typically​​​ based​​​ off​​​ past​​​ experiences.​​​They​​​ will​​​ keep​​ you stuck and stagnant AND broke.

Now that you have the list of all the things you’ve told yourself on why you can’t invest in yourself to hire a coach or spend time running ads or demonstrating leadership in your market​​​place, ​​​I​​​ want ​​​you ​​​to​​​ create​​​ a ​​​list ​​​of ​​​all ​​​the ​​​reasons ​WHY​ ​​YOU ​​​SHOULD ​​​succeed.​ ​​You want to take care of your husband, wife, kids, parents, retirement….Or possibly to make a huge ​​​impact?​​​ Create ​​​the ​​​list ​​​of ​​​reasons ​​​WHY ​​​you​​​ should​​​ succeed ​​​and​​​ there​​​ should ​​​be ​​​more than the reasons that are holding you back.

Finances. Time. Emotions.

You only need a  few things to work for you to have CONTROL. That’s what it’s all about right? What you do​​​ not​​​ need ​​​​is​​​ a​​​ website,​​​ webinar, ​​​podcast, ​​​book,​​​ native ​​​ads,​​​ blog,​​​ click funnels, lead pages, ​​​Infusionsoft,​ calendar ​​​app,​​​ application​​​ funnel…​​​more​​​ bull​​​ crap.  

Yes, some of these things you’ll want for long term stability and to make your life easier. But most people put the cart before the horse and they’re sitting around making $5k a month trying ​​​to​​​ launch ​​​a​​​ podcast.​​​ Wrong.​​Once​​​ you ​​​start ​​​making​​​ money​​​ you​​​ have ​​​to ​​​“stack​​​ cash”.​​​ This ​​​frustrates ​​​me​​ ​to​ ​​no ​​​end! ​​​​And,​​​ you​​​ would ​​​be​​​ shocked​​​ at​ the ​​​amount​​​ of​​​ experts ​​​who​​​ start​​​ making​​​ money​​​ and​​​ they​​​ spend​​​ it ​​just​​​ as ​​​quick.​​​ Be​​​wise. Please.​​​ Build ​​​yourself ​​​a ​​​little​ war ​​​chest. ​​​THIS​​​ gives​​​ you​​​ more​​​ control.​

​ I​​​ digress. 

Okay, ​​​you​​​ only​​​ need​​​ a​​​ few ​​​things​​​ to ​​​work ​​​as ​​​an ​​​expert ​​​to ​​​have ​​​control:

  • a ​good ​offer
  •  a​way​ to ​get ​in ​front ​of ​the ​right ​people
  • a​ predictable ​way ​to ​turn​ those ​people ​into ​clients

Closing thoughts

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