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Let’s break down every element of our high ticket sales script that works.

Hey everyone, Taylor Welch here, co-founder of Traffic and Funnels.

We’ve sold in a lot of different industries over the phone.

This is by far the most powerful sales script we use.

Inside this Sales Script You’ll Learn:

    • Demand-Killing phrases you should never, ever say to a prospect on the phone
    • The 12 part script that built our $1mm+ per month business
    • How, when are where to weaponize silence in your sales call
    • Word by word… Here's exactly what to say to take money over the phone

My Sales Closing Percentage Skyrocketed

My sales closing percentage skyrocketed when I pivoted to taking notes during calls with a paper and a pen and using this sales script.

When you remove all the distractions and sit down with a pen and paper and listen to the prospect, it forces you to sink in and empathize with the prospect.

Going Through The Sales Script

The goal is that you get into the doctor’s psychology before getting on the phone.

What I mean by this is: basic life or death. Your job is diagnosis.

Your job is not to manipulate or coerce or force anyone to make a decision that is wrong for them.

Think about when people go into a doctor’s office.

They’re going in with pain. And they want to come out with a solution.

You gotta get into that mindset on the calls.

This Sales Script Is Designed to:

  • Find out where people are hurting

  • Learn what’s causing the pain or problem

  • Make an accurate diagnosis and a prescription for them to get better.

You’re not trying to convince people to do something that they don’t want to do.

You’re simply getting on a phone call with someone who has pain.

Your job is to find out where it’s hurting, why it’s hurting, and to see whether they are a good fit.

If they are, you will prescribe your solution.

The Rules:

  • Record the call

  • Have a pen and notepad in front of you

  • Turn all devices on “Do Not Disturb” and close all browsers

  • Release all attachments to get the sale or to “YES” (if you “need” the sale you will not get it)

  • Dial the very minute the clock hits

Be Punctual.

Give someone a call the minute the clock turns the time you set to talk to them. To the second.

If it’s at 1:30, be ready to call at 1:29. The second it hits 1:30, dial the call.

When you dial right on time, people feel like you respect their time.

Let’s Walk Through the High-Ticket Sales Script

This isn’t something you are going to nail after 1 time of trying it out.

Print it out. Customize it for your market.

Watch our associated video training with this script.

You can get it all inside The Packaging Blueprint.

PART 1: Open

The open is all about establishing rapport.

This is where you learn some details about their lives, make them feel comfortable and put them at ease.

“Hey is this Name?”

“Name, how’s your week going?”

“Where are you from?”

“How’s the weather?”

“Awesome, if you’re ready to go we can go ahead and get started.”

PART 2: Set the Agenda

This is the part of the sales script that works where you define the roles for the rest of the conversation. 

Some people aren’t used to being in a position where they are “following” someone else. 

If you get on a call with someone who is resistant to your leading, you likely aren’t going to close them.

On every call we begin to take the lead like this:

“Let me explain quickly how today’s call will go.

I’m going to just start by asking you some questions about your business and your application, which I have here.

If it then sounds like I can help and we’re a good fit, I’ll explain what we have and how it works and everything.

Then, at the end, if it makes sense, you can make a decision whether you want to be a part of it or not.”

(Pause and wait for an “okay” or “awesome” then move forward.) 

If they try to go around your lead by asking random questions right away like:

“What webinar software do you use?” then steer them by saying: “We will get to that later.”

Then move right into the next part.

If they’re resistant to following your lead, go ahead and get off the phone.

They’re not going to be a good lead if they’re always trying to buck the system.

PART 3: Understand Why They’re Here:

“Awesome, so Name, tell me what motivated you to take the time out of your day and schedule a call with us?”

  • What do you mean by that?

  • Tell me more about that?

  • How long have you been dealing with this? 

PART 4: Understand Their Business:

  • What are you selling?

  • How are you pricing that?

  • Who is your ideal customer?

  • What problem are people facing in their business or personal life to motivate them to buy from you?

  • What is the sales process from taking people from being a stranger to a paying client?

Understanding people's business is more about making sure that the prospect understands that you understand.

If they don’t believe you understand them they won’t trust you.

That's why I include it in the sales script that works.

How would you feel if you walked into a doctor’s office and they prescribed you medicine before asking you questions and learning what is wrong with you

You wouldn’t trust that the medicine is the right solution.

You should be taking notes throughout this process.

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PART 5: Examine Their Pain

This part of the sales script is all about extracting their pain.

This is where you’re going to start linking up their current situation with the emotional circumstances of being stuck.

  • Do you have a process in place to get customers at will?

  • What is the normal sales process from strangers to paying clients with you?

  • Are you comfortable relying on this style of operating your business?

  • How much money are you making per month with this business right now?

This is when you start bringing the conversation towards the monetary side of things.

Later on you are going to have to anchor them to the cost of not taking action.

PART 6: What They Want

  • “Okay, great. Where do you want to grow this business in the next 12 months?”

The gap from “how much money are you making now?” and “where do you want to grow this business in the next 12 months” is the anchor.

  • “And what is your motivation for getting to $XX/mo? What’s that do for you?”

People usually always give you a surface response. “I want to make $10,000 per month.”

You have to dig deeper. It’s usually something much more impactful than that. 

Find some emotion.

This is the sales script that works for a reason.

  • “How would things be different for your business if you got to $XX/mo?”

  • “Would getting to $XX have an impact on other areas of your life?” …Tell me about that. 

PART 7: Responsibility

  • “Okay, Name, so you’re currently making $5,000/mo and you want to get to $50,000/mo?”

  • “Tell me, what’s stopping you from achieving that on your own?”

This is when they have to accept personal responsibility.

If they blame it on everyone else, that’s not a good sign of a client you want to work with.

  • “What’s holding you back from achieving XYZ?” (what they said they wanted)

Your goal is for them to say one of the following 3 responses:

  • Inability to do on their own

  • Wanting to do it faster

  • Wanting to follow a proven system and have guidance by somebody who has actually done it.

If it’s unclear, ask them:

“Which one of these sounds the most like you? Or is it a mixture of any of these?”

You want them to have an acceptance of responsibility that will allow them to make an investment into their life. 

Repeat things back to them and make sure you get it right.


“Name, I just have a couple more questions, then we’re going to switch gears. Okay?”

  • “Awesome. So you’re making $____ per month now. Why not just say where you are?”

  • “Okay, is this affecting any other areas of your life?”

  • “Okay, and when are you wanting to fix this?”

If they say “I want to make a change in 3 months.”

Then I would politely end the conversation and ask them to call you back in 3 months.

Don’t lead them to the close at that point.

PART 8: Acknowledge The Gap

“Okay Name, well I can definitely help with that. Would you like me to tell you about what I do?” 

Then go into the close.

PART 9: Close

“Well our area of expertise is helping service providers, coaches & consultants (use whichever is relevant to your business) get clients coming to them, at will, and on demand.”

We typically work with people who need more clients, need more dependability of income, and need more control over the money they make and the time they work.

I help them to automate their client acquisition and deliver great products and services while working less time.” 

Keep this brief.

This is the sales script that works when followed properly.

PART 10: State Your Offer

Wait for the prospect to ask you how they can work with you or what you have to offer.

“How does it work?”

“We take clients for about 10 weeks, and we take them through our 4-pillar client acquisition system, it’s called the ClientKit™ Workshop.”

It’s broken up very simply and step by step and we really build this all with you, your High Ticket Package, your Feeder Funnel, How To Sell your package on the phone, and using Paid Traffic to get leads and clients on demand from your system.

So the focus really is getting you to mastery at selling one thing, then build the system around that to get you consistent, steady leads and clients and you should have leads and applications coming in the door within 15 – 20 days if you follow the system.” 

***SHUT UP****

What happens here is the tables turn upside down. 

You no longer are asking questions.

The prospect has to ask you to tell them more about it.

PART 11: Take The Objections / Money

**ONLY when they ask for the price:

“Well, the investment for the workshop and for everything you’ve told me today you really want to fix – is just $____.”

SILENCE – do not cave in, you must remain silent. Look for one of the following:

  • “What’s the next step?”

  • “Okay, well what’s next?”

  • “Okay how do we get started?” 

  • “Okay let’s do it!”

“Awesome! We can get started right now if you want.”

Then SILENCE. This is a powerful part because people are used to “being sold to.” 

Don’t respond to anything except the questions they have.

They’ll ask questions to look for a way out of making a commitment. 

They’ll ask “How do we do that?” or “How does payment work?” etc.

“We can do a credit card right over the phone if you want. You want to use Visa or Mastercard?” 

When you stay silent, they sell themselves through your answers to their questions.

Sometimes people will have to talk to their spouses about it. That’s ok.

The silence makes this the sales script that works so well.



“How much time do I have to decide?”


“Is there something in particular you need to think about that we can discuss right now?”

Other Objections:

  • “I just need time to find the money and look over my finances.”

  • “I just don’t make decisions on the spot.”

  • “I just need to check with my partner or spouse.”


“Okay great. When specifically will you be talking with your partner or spouse?”

“When will you be looking over your finances?”

“When will you be sitting down to think about it?”

“Perfect, so you’ll have spoken with your spouse (etc.) by noon eastern tomorrow?”

“Awesome, I just friended you on Facebook, just reach out to me there and get enrolled by noon tomorrow and I’ll hold those savings for you until then.” 

This Is The Sales Script That Works.

If you want to go deeper into this, download our sales script and watch the training video associated with the script. 

Then customize the script to your market.

Get out there and start selling.

You can grab it all inside the Packaging Blueprint.

To your success,


Structure and Sell Your High Ticket Offer

Learn the 4-Step Packaging Blueprint that 2,227 other entrepreneurs have already used to structure AND SELL their first high-ticket offer. This includes a video training step-by-step breakdown on how to sell with this script.

Get The Packaging Blueprint Now!