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The Theory Of Novelty

By November 24, 2015 Copywriting

Issue: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
From: Memphis, TN – 8:18a, 35°

Let’s talk copy.

Now, you’re not going to get a full blown crash course in an email… (I do not have enough room)

But, I’ve found this to be true:

Building business & writing great advertisement is really about the process.

It’s about inundating yourself with the thoughts, philosophies, and ideas of people who are actually out there making a difference right now. And (slowly), the level of education you can acquire, over time, creates a complete picture of what should be done (and when).

We work with a lot of clients who are just putting their businesses together… and many businesses who are over the 7 figure (some almost at the 9 figure) level… 

The process is always the same…

Slow down to go fast. Get clarity. Think strategically not tactically

Anyways… here’s one of my favorite lessons about writing copy that not only sells your stuff, but makes people like you.

Focus on allowing people (your clients, prospects, subscribers) to live (vicariously) through you, and give them novelty at every turn.

I don’t care what industry you are in, everybody wants to be “caught up” in something larger, something better than their current situation…

They want something new (or at least a new take on something old). That’s novelty… and, they want to “feel” what it's like to have already achieved their goals… 

You can show people “pictures” of what life could be and should be like in your copy.

Now, culture today plays a big part in this as well. In Schwartz’ “Breakthrough Advertising” (which is a definite ‘must read’ if you want to write copy for a living or even just get good at it) he talks about “hitching onto” the desires of the market…

You can’t “create” desire. You have to identify the flow of desire, and direct it towards your products/services…

In my opinion, the single most profitable thing you can do to “latch on” to the desire of the market today and sell your products & services is this:

Exude a total commitment to integrity, honesty, and authenticity (everybody is burned… they’ve been told something to get them to buy and it didn’t turn out they way they'd hoped)

I’m not saying you can’t use salesmanship. I'm just saying you have to change your model. You can’t just write a sales letter and send traffic to it anymore…

Most people won't believe you. They’re all “trained” from years of direct response marketing to ignore the benefits and write off the promises…

So… if that’s the case. What do you do?

You adopt the *new* model of marketing & copywriting… it’s a system, a proven system and, if you pay attention, it is what all of the major players are switching too… (we would know because we're building it out for a lot of them lol)

Guess what? Chris & I will be walking you through step-by-step the entire model in the December issue of the Field Report – which goes to the printer in less than a week.

This issue is titled, 

“How to Build a Hyper-Leveraged Lead Attraction & Conversion System That Can Facilitate 6-Figures, 7-Figures, or 8-Figures Revenue Per Year, Using the “Platform” 3D Model.

She's a doozy…

(Warning: if you’re just starting your business, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re doing at least $1k/mo from your business, this is the most profitable investment you can make into growing that from $1k to $5k to $10k…)

Go here to subscribe and it’ll be on your doorstep 1st of December. 


Taylor & Chris
Founders, Traffic & Funnels


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