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In this episode, our Content & Community Specialist Chris Creed is joined by Tammy of Lady Boss Real Estate to her personal journey and her experience going through T&F's flagship program: Freelance Academy.

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Chris – 

So tell me a little bit about you and how you got started on this path.


Tammy – 

Let me sum it up..  In a nutshell, I quit school in the 10th grade and never went back. School needed me. I didn't need it. So I thought, and little did I know back then I was already in my entrepreneurial role and on my journey I then ended up in a situation that most, you know, don't ever like to be in. And I ended up a young early single mom, two children, by the age of 18. So that of course completely turned my world upside down in many different ways.


And from there ended up in – my story is really, really extraordinary. And I probably don't give it enough credit. Everybody tells me how amazing it is from there. I ended up in a homeless shelter. And it was there that I was like, you can't hit the bottom and hit the bottom as far as I hit the bottom.

Right? Like there's, you can't go any further down than that.

But in that moment is when I also realized I knew who I was in my heart. I had just made some bad choices along the way. And I put myself through school through college to become a hairdresser. Little did I know I was gonna go on to become the third certified master hair colorist in the country. I was a platform artist. I was 22. I bought my first home. I was making some serious bank buying a lot of material possessions, put my kids in private school, like just doing all the crazy things that people dream about doing.

But then June of 1997, I was hit by a drunk driver and left paralyzed.

So everything that I had built then came crashing down and I lost everything.

Fighting for my life, broken back, broken hips. 21 surgeries ended up literally fighting for my life four years in and out of a wheelchair. And again, lost everything I say. I'm like, you know, those clowns when we were little were probably not too, too far away and age, I don't know how old you're, but there's clowns, cloth clowns that have sand in them. And you hit them down, but they bounce right back up.

So that's kind of like the analogy of what my life has been. And every time I got knocked down – failure was just never an option. It's on bookshelf with all my awards and stuff. I'm just not an awards person. I'm a doer. So it sucked, you know, being a young, single mom, my kids were 10 and nine at the time of the accident, but it rocked my world and I couldn't go back to doing what I was doing and I lost everything, but I didn't lose my kids. And I didn't lose my faith.

And through faith and through belief, I am where I'm at today, I'm multimillionaire, but then March 17th, 2020, the pandemic hit.

And my whole world, as I knew it as a speaker, as a coach came to a screeching halt because I couldn't do live events.

So we're like, what do we do? Well, we'll just wing it. We'll do zoom. Right? I mean, we already had zoom. Let's just do zoom. 

So we were doing Tuesdays with Tammy and, you know, everything was kind of cool. Everybody's got their glass of wine or their bottle of water and we're hanging out talking real estate and lockdown, but then it went on for six months. Then it went on for a year. And then I started hearing others in the industry because I madly research. I madly study stats, markets economies. I madly study that just because of real estate. And I started hearing some of the really big players, the Cardones and just all, all of the big ones out there, the digital marketers, the YouTubers, all of them… Podcasters.

And they're all like online marketing, digital marketing. You gotta tap in. You gotta tap in. And I'm like, I just want to speak. I just want to coach. I don't want to build funnels. I don't want to worry about copywriting. I don't want to be back there. I want to be in the front of the room. Hugging my people with my tribe, connecting, making a difference, because that's what I do. But I couldn't. And honestly it's still really tough, although it is starting to finally come back. So I've had to have this massive shift that I tell my coaching students, they have to do. It's just a mindset shift.

Well Tammy, you gotta practice what you preach and be a student of what you coach. But these last two years, I'm like, all right, let's dive in. We're gonna do online events. But a part of me was very broken because I love being out in the field.

I love being in the trenches every day with my tribe, with my students, teaching them how to create real world real wealth through real estate, through multi-family acquisitions, through building community. That's my thing.

And even though I got to do it with my students, I wasn't doing it at the scale. And Tanner just kept saying, we can do this. We can do this. This is what we do. This is what we do. And I'm like, okay, okay. Okay. Right. And I get off the phone and I'm like, buyer's remorse. Right? What in the hell have you just done again, Tammy? You're such a fool of, you know, a sucker.

And then there was no like just that do this, this and this. It was like, okay, here you go. Jump in. And I'm like, okay. So I did, I just jumped in and I literally signed up for every single clinic.

And then I just started really driving and to go from where we were – you know $50,000, $80,000, $100,000, $500,000 months, years. But it was inconsistent. That's the keyword.

It was inconsistent coming into Traffic and Funnels. I was at another low because I was inconsistent again. And I knew that I couldn't go out and do what I had done. So I was feeling trapped again. And I knew I needed to expand my own thought process to get into the digital space. But me and technology really just collided, like building out funnels and copywriting. Like it, it just is not for me, but put me in front of a student and an apartment building on a camera, all day long, right?

So I'm like Tammy, you have got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. You've got to get past this aversion. So I have committed to faithfully showing up for four months to traffic and funnels to Freelance Academy where I have spare time is beyond me, but I've made it happen.

I was up at 2:00 AM this morning. I spent two hours in the academy this morning in the university going through, you know, more, more of the information and failure just still to this day. It's just not an option

And I launched live the first week I was with Traffic and Funnels. I did a seven day launch and I actually considered canceling it. Because I wasn't really sure what I was doing. I said, no, I'm not doing that.

So I went live that then led to,I think it was 13 or $13,000 in immediate sales, new clients. And that then led me to go up to New York two weeks later. The weekend after that I lost my sister. And then that following weekend I was asked to go speak up in New York on long island, went up there that led to me closing out.

I'm trying to remember numbers that led to me closing out March 31st at just under $32,000.

I want to hit $50K that's my first benchmark. So I'm not there yet, but want it consistently. And then I'm gonna hit $75K consistently and then a $100K consistently. And then whatever happens after that is a blessing. So that's where I'm at. I'm in month two of working with you guys, but blows me away is the depth of the care, the character, the compassion of every single person that I have touched or has touched me through Traffic and Funnels.

Yesterday – I opened a card from all of you that was personally signed, not by one person. It was signed by all of you in losing my sister. And I've just never been touched like that by a coaching program.

You know what I mean? And it's taken it from being another program that I was skeptical about to literally feeling like family, you know, like it, it's just, it's almost indescribable. Like it's really just freaking cool.

And I look forward to getting on the clinics and to implementing and it may not even be for a couple more months before I hit, you know, those consistent months. It's the family that I've met and in this space of doing events and getting to a high level in business and doing online marketing, it can get lonely at the top sometimes, you know, it can. And I'm a people person and a tribal person and a rebel. And I want nothing more than to be surrounded and hugging and connecting with my people.

So when I was up in New York last weekend or the weekend before, and I was live for the first time in two years and it literally took me to my knees and it made me realize yet again where my void is, that's the love of my life is being live.

You know, being with people, embracing people, networking with them, having lunch with them, talking with them, seeing their eyes light up, seeing them get it. And I drove back from New York with my husband and I said, I'm going live again. I'm I'm bringing my events live again. And he is like, are you thinking every month? Because I don't know how you're gonna fit that into your schedule. And I said, well, when you're passionate about something and you don't fit it into your life, you just make it happen.

And I don't know yet what it's gonna be because I'm working on, you know, designing it right now, but I am going back live and I'm also gonna stay digital. So I'm in this transition of just trying to figure myself out and you know, I don't have all the answers. I don't know exactly where I'm going, but what I do know is I'm with an incredible group <affirmative> and that, that right there is a life changer, you know?

And I didn't, it's funny how things will show up and I, I know it's faith. I know it's the universe. I know it's God, but they literally, you know, one thing happens after another and we don't know why they happen, but literally after that successful event launch, I was like, okay, like, right, like what's next?

And then I get a call to come speak in New York and I'm like, you are listening. Like, you know, like hello. And, and then we went up there and my husband and even went up there with me and we ended up having he and I, we just, they treated us so well. We had such a beautiful time together and he saw and felt my presence in that room and how much that means to me, not just to them. I don't mind being here behind a pretty wall that was designed for my zoom room. Right. We all have those, but I'm sitting here all by myself and it's not the same. It's not.

So feeling that and refueling that and being re-energized like I did two weeks ago, I felt like I was brought back home and I got real clear, not only about my avatar because T and F has taken me the clearest that I've ever been on. My avatar ever. I've done avatar. Not a million times. I'm exaggerating several times. I've never been more clear and more focused on it as I am today.

And that's when I really, really started to lean in to you guys as like, whoa, you know, this, this is legit.

And it's the little, it's the little steps daily, you know, it's not one big momentous “aha” That just happens for us. And I don't know if a lot of people get that it's the daily, small steps, the implementations, the trying something on a different way or shifting your mindset a different way. And then before you know, it, it just, it appears it's there, it's happening and that's what's so beautiful.

I'm, I'm just getting started on whoever this new version is of me, whether I'm 50% live on stage and 50% digital, just a freaking cool journey to be on. And the real honor to be on it was such cool people.

Chris – 

I want to circle back to the daily actions, adding up to the big change. If you know other freelancers that are in the group or whatever they're doing, maybe they're on a similar journey or maybe they've had business, their business rocked over the last couple of years like that. What do you, what's your advice to them going forward now, as we're entering into a new season here,


It's a great question. Hands down, you can't go it alone.

You can't go it alone, right? You, and as a coach myself, we only can go as far as we can take yourself. 

And in order to get to another level, physically, mentally, I train with a coach, right? I know how to workout. I know how to lift weights, but I'm not a coach for transformation of the physical body. I have a trainer, she trains me. She tells me what reps to do. She pushes me. She holds me accountable and we need coaches.

You know, my, my tribe needs me. I need you. We all need coaches in our lives, business personally and spiritually in order to grow. And then it's about being coachable. You know, there's a lot of people that come into the coaching space as students, but they're either tapped by ego or you know, whatever is holding them back.

I've tried all, I know it all. I've done that. It's not working. You know, this isn't working. I, I hear all those excuses too. It it's about being coachable.

And it's about showing up. And I say this all the time to my students, like you have to show up and play full out. Okay. If someone is asking a question and you raise your hand like this, no, I, I want to know you are all in, right. Are you half in or all in? And of course they all laugh.

You've gotta show up no excuses. Failure's not an option. You've got to show up. You committed to this play full out. Is it gonna be uncomfortable? Yes. You're tapping into new ways of thinking. You're tapping into new ways of doing, but more importantly, you're tapping into new ways of being and being is the epitome of the transformation of who we're seeking outside sources, AKA coaches, regardless of who it is to better who we are.

And it amazes me how many people don't show up. They think they do. And then they're not willing to be coachable.

And you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable because it's in the uncomfortableness that we grow. It's in the uncomfortableness that we transform. It's in the uncomfortableness and in the failing forward that we get up and brush dirt off our knees. But on the way, back a new version of ourselves emerges and we become stronger and more victorious as a result of that failure. People today, look at me and I have no clue that I've been through what I've been through.

I don't, I don't waddle or, or swagger. When I walk from all my injuries, I run. I ride a thousand pound Harley Davidson. I work on my core balance. Like you have to do these things in order to do what it is that you say you want to do, but a lot just aren't willing to put in that effort.

And then they want to blame others for what they failed to do. But you trust the process and you take small steps every day and not every day. Are you even gonna be able to take a step? Some days you can't take a step for whatever because life happens. You just get back up the next day. It's a new book, it's a new chapter and you take another small step and you implement and you practice.

It's the only way I know how to describe it, because then before you realize it, I did my launch and 13,000 sales, $13,000 worth of sales showed up in my Stripe account. Then I get a call to speak in New York. I go to New York and speak. I'm just doing what I do. And then March 31st, my account closes out, you know, I forget what it was, $31,000 or something like that.

Yeah. But all I do know is that my greatest lesson is that the more you show up and play full out to serve others and make it about them and not about you, the more God and the universe bless you abundantly.

So all you really only have to do. It's very simple:  show up, play full out and serve others and do what you do. Just do it really good. I'm looking forward to the journey. I look forward to meeting Taylor. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> everybody that I've not met so far, but I know is there I see the bullpen, you know, I, I know there's this massive family there. I see the emails. I read the emails, you know.

I know what it took to build, what has been built and it's so impressive. And you know, my journey is just beginning. I would love to know what I can do to serve you guys, you know, and, and to support you because you, you guys gave me my mojo back and you know, this girl is just getting started. I'm actually looking at one of my favorite hats: “Women who behave really make history.”

You're just, you know, I, I'm looking forward to the journey with freelance academy, with traffic and funnels. The coaches are extraordinary. There isn't one that I have, I have met that doesn't show up and play full out.

And, and not only on the call, Chris, after the clinic is over. If a question didn't get answered, they're in your inbox, they're in your DM. They're calling you: “Hey, I saw your question, I just want to make sure…”

And I'm like, I have never in my life experienced this, that level of care, that level of concern. And if you're ever sitting on the fence and skeptical about whether or not Traffic and Funnels or the freelance cat me is for you. I was skeptical too.

And I was on the fence. I even thought I was a sucker again, but I tell you now you'd be a fool not to invest in yourself to spend time with this incredible family, because it's not a game changer. It's a life changer. At least it's changed mine and that's what's important to me. And hopefully it's important to you as well.

So I hope I get to see some of you guys on the inside. I hope I've been able to touch, motivate and inspire some of you here to do bigger and better things in your life and to just be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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