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In this episode, our Content & Community Specialist Chris Creed discusses how to become more magnetic to your ideal clients.

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Chris Creed (Content & Community Specialist, Traffic and Funnels)


If you haven't watched Avengers end game and you plan to, and you don't like spoilers, I'm really sorry. It's been out for like five years. So I'm going to say, say this anyway.

So in Avengers end game for the God of thunder having a hard time, right? He's depressed. He wasn't able to beat Thanos. Things are bad for Thor.

Thor goes back in time and sees his mom. Hasn't seen his mom in a long time. And when they accidentally bump into each other, he gets really emotional. And she says, well, come over here. And, and they end up having a conversation.

And Thor ends up apologizing  to his mom and sayin: “Mom, I'm, I'm really sorry that I failed at who I was supposed to be.”

And she gets real close to him. And she said something that really sticks with me. I think about it a lot. She said, ”Thor, everyone fails at who they're supposed to be. The point is to become good at being who you are.”

And a lot of times we think we just need to  look at what other people are doing. And then just go do that. And I'm telling you that that is the opposite of being magnetic. 

You will fail if you try to do what everyone else is doing, the trick is to become good at being yourself. 

And that sounds like something that your fourth grade teacher would've told you, but let me tell you, it's true. 

We spend our entire lives trying to cover up who we really are and putting up this facade. That's not what this is about. If you want to be magnetic, you have to show up as you and only you and you show up unapologetically.

This is me. This is what I believe. This is what I'm about. Learn how to be yourself.

So here's what that is going to look like in practice for you and your freelance business. So, number one, this is most important is we have to know who we are going to serve and who those people are and what they want and how we can help them get it.

Once we know that once we know what their voice is and what they want, we can use our voice and our stories and our self, our real life to reflect and relate to them. That's all people want to know. They want to know that you understand them, right? And that you can help them get what one, right?

Going back to what we talked about before, people don't care about you. They care about them and they care about what they want.

So once you know that you can use your stories to reflect, reflect, and relate, and don't worry –  here pretty soon I'm going to give you a model for how to do that on a daily basis.

This is the form your voice is going to take in order to be more magnetic, not just to share your stuff, but to be magnetic.

We're going to tell stories that relate to  our journey and then reflect theirs.

So an example might be:  “Guys, I'm, I'm real, I'm working on a program right now. It's crazy. I am like I'm this close to releasing it. Right? And all of a sudden, like I have this really intense bout of fear and anxiety that came up. I don't know if you've ever felt that way, but it's like, I'm ready to release this thing and I'm going, and I believe in it, and it's going to be awesome.

But then I have this resistance that's inside of me. It  makes me not want to go for it. I don't know if you've ever felt that, but like, I, I just wanted to share that. Because I think a lot of people are dealing with it. Nobody wants to talk about it. So I just wanted to go ahead and like, you know, talk about that and get it out there. And if you're feeling that, just, just comment below and, and tell me about a story that you've experienced…”

That is a journey piece of yours that's happening in real time and is probably going to reflect what's happening in their life.

Right? So that’s an example.

There's a book called by Austin Kleon called Show Your Work where he talks about how some of the best things you can do to market yourself- as far as sharing content that's going to be attractive to people –  is to show your work.

He's an artist. So think about an artist who is painting a painting. And then every day they post all these Instagram stories or tos or whatever about the progress they made that day. And talk about the journey in real time. That's what “show your work” means.

So that's a form that your voice is going to take.

Another thing you could do is: answer questions that nobody has asked.

A lot of times when you're brand new, you don't have a following. This is why I say it works even if you don't have a following. If you do not have a following, you don't have to wait for somebody to ask a question. You don't have to wait for permission to be an expert on that.

If you know the answer to a question that you've seen pop up in a group record to Facebook live about it, record a YouTube video about it, answer the question. Even if no one asked you.

This is not a scenario that we're like, “well, no one asked you!” It doesn't matter. You don't need permission from anybody. You don't need approval from anybody. You can answer questions because you are an expert because you know, more than the person that's going to come before you, that's going to be attractive to people. So answer questions even if no one is asked.

So another thing you could be doing is: showing the way.

And what I mean by that is sharing things that you've learned in real time. When I come into this group with a client of ours. And we talk about their journey.  I think those are some of the most valuable things, obviously, like that's a place for us to have a conversation with them to see how far they've come in our programs. And to share that with you guys in, in hopes that like, maybe if you're there and you're in a similar situation, obviously you, you may wanna join the program.

That's the fully transparent truth of it. But there's another element of it that’s just as real. If someone has just gone through the journey of going from zero to $30K a month, wouldn't you want to learn from that person directly?

“Wait, wait, wait, what did you just do?”
“What did you post?”
“What did you share?”

I wanna know all of it and they'll be able to tell you because they just did it.

Right? And a lot of people, especially who have been successful for a long time, right? They have frameworks around it. But the very beginning piece is a long way away. And that, so that's going to be a challenge for you as you grow too – is to be able to point back to those things. But I digress, that is something you should be doing. – share things that you’re learning.

And tell all your secrets.

Don't be afraid – Like if you're a copywriter and you want to attract more copywriting clients, share things, share like what you're doing and why you wrote what.

You could write a sales letter and do a live breakdown of why you chose each section of that.
Why did you write this headline this way?
What is it about this pain point that really drew you out?

Do you think people would like, like to hear about that? Of course they would.

Is it giving away your secrets? Heck yeah, it is.

Does it matter? No, it doesn't matter.

You can give away everything.

It does not matter because if people wanna work with you, they'll work with you.

But what do I do? Okay. This is what you do.

This is not what you want to hear. And I'm really sorry about that. But it's the truth:

If you want to become more magnetic to your clients, you have to have a show. And what do I mean by that? I mean, you have to show up every day in some way or another. 

There are only two steps:

You choose a platform.
Whether that's a podcast, or blog, or Instagram stories, or TikTok, or Facebook, Facebook live, or YouTube, whatever.

And you show up every day.

And if you do that, you will start to attract people.


Now this is not the fastest way to get clients.

It is the fastest this way to attract more clients to you over time. None of that stuff up there is is fast. But think about this, think about you doing outreach and connecting with people…

Here's an example: My first client was a local theater and they needed some digital marketing help. And I got that client by being in the backyard of a friend's house, having drinks one night over at a party or whatever, we were just sitting around the campfire. And I was like: “Yeah, man, I'm working on Facebook ads, and building funnels. I'm just really stoked about marketing and helping other people, you know, with their digital marketing.

He's like, “okay, cool. Yeah! I'll just keep an ear out, man”

Then the next day he called me and said, “Hey, got this guy in town. He needs some digital marketing help. Would you be up for that?”

And I ended up booking that gig that week for $40,000, my first client ever… $40,000.

So the way that happened wasn't through creating all this content. But guess what I had been doing before I had that conversation, I had been showing up daily, consistently, for months with that stuff right there.

Everyone knew what I was doing. And so when I had that conversation with my friend, John, he could go back and he could look at my stuff, send it to this guy. He could look at my stuff. “Wow. This guy's doing a lot of cool stuff. It sounds good. It sounds like he knows what he is talking about. He's an expert because he's showing up.”

And I landed gig and it was fun. So this is why you do it.

It's about having this wave of good will that is either coming behind you or in front of you.

And the way, like, think about this group, think about what I'm doing right now. Why do we continue as a company to show up in groups and show up in other places and just deliver results in advance? Why is that? Well, honestly, the big, big reveal, you know, the scheme is that we hope that you'll be able to see that we can help you before you've even paid us to help you.

And if this, if this stuff is so good, just imagine what it’s like  behind the scenes in our programs.

And we know that eventually, as we give and give and give to you for free, and get  results in advance – you're more likely to become a client at some point. I have confidence in that.

And so that's what you're going to do too! You're going to create this content and it's going to be this massive amount of Goodwill energy that is generated. Right.

And then when you start to have conversations with people and really start to get after it, and then telling people what you're about and making connections and things like that – all the stuff you should be doing – that is going to create this connection that's going to explode for you.

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