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Let me ask you something… 

When’s the last time you backed up, looked at your life or your business and thought, “I am killing it.

Where every target you set, you hit. 

Where every goal written down, became real. 

If you have to stop and THINK about when the last time you were in this “zone” the next question I want you to ask yourself is this: 


It is unacceptable to slug your way through life “wanting” this and “hoping for” that; winners are known for their adaptability. 

If something isn’t working, they address it and change behavior to adjust trajectory. 

If you’re stuck in a rut and you've been there for awhile but aren’t taking BIG risks and making BIG moves to get UNSTUCK you have a disease and the only cure is to back yourself into a corner where you MUST win. 

You’re reading this for a reason… 

You follow us for a reason… 

And maybe that reason is right now. 

I want to make a special offer to you…

Not gonna sell you something… I just want you to listen to what I’m about to say and do what I tell you to do. 

Get on the phone with my team. 

There are nearly infinite ways for you to get to your goals faster than you think

In fact, most people who take us up on this realize they’re CLOSER than they think — but just missing a couple easy and simple things that are relatively quick to fix.


It’s time to end the madness. 

If something ain’t working, nothing is gonna change until ya do something different. 

This could be the first step.



Now I want to do it to your business when you’re ready.

I got my coordinator to set up a special calendar below.

As of writing this, there’s 7 spots available and I want to talk about your business growth.

If you see the link below (it’ll disappear when the last slot is gone)… get on my calendar.

Click or tap here to grab your slot before it’s taken


You can follow Dave and be a slave to shrinking revenue.

Your choice. 

– T

If You Make Less than $10k per month

We want to call you this week.