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Think like terminator

By December 9, 2015 General Marketing

Issue: Wednesday, December 9, 2015
From: Memphis, TN – 9:27a, 54° 

The January issue of the Field Report is all about our referral generator system.

(Which, by the way, if you’re a current subscriber, you’ll be getting a sweet video breakdown Chris is doing of a 7-figure per year media platform he’s running paid Facebook traffic into, you can replicate the whole thing – that should be ready for you tomorrow)

Anyways, speaking of systems…

The more you get this daily letter, the more you’ll realize how obsessed we are with systems. 

Repeatable actions, put in the correct order, that are fired off automatically and executed with little thought or attention…

You build the right systems and you can’t help but watch your business grow.

Seasoned business builders, listen up: a lot of you have systems built into your “onboarding” or “new customer” funnels…

But, to attain mastery over your competition in your field, you need to have just as many systems built into the backend and cancellation phases as well.

Just yesterday, a client cancelled one of their subscriptions with us, and our system kicked in…

…To which he engaged with, and, over time, we learn (continuously) more and more how our clients and customers think…

…What they need… how to “tune” our marketing to not just sell, but to retain.

Think on this. And – make sure you’ve got systems in all the right places… at the end of the day, the worst place to be in is when your business all runs and depends on you

Taylor & Chris
Founders, Traffic & Funnels 

If you're not a Field Report subscriber, you can still get in on time for Chris' breakdown video today. It's a supplemental training to the newsletter we mailed out 1st of December… just go here, plug in your details, and you'll get the video tomorrow (along with the printed monthly newsletters that go with it).