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The phrase, “I am not ready” comes up a lot. I have said this a lot myself, for that matter… 

And I want to spend some time addressing my thoughts on “readiness,” and “timing.” And the subtle differences between wisdom, and fear

If you’ve never read one of our reports before, be advised: we harbor a blatant dislike and disregard for anything besides the truth. I am blunt and to the point, at a level that you could find “offensive.” But when you strip away all the “feels” and simply respect the math and the facts, you gain a clarity and resolve that is unmatched. Your goals become not just “possible” but probable

If your goal is to create a 7-figure business, it starts with the facts

If your goal is to create time freedom, so you can travel the world with your family; so you don’t miss out on life's most important moments, it all begins with the facts. 

The fact is: 

You Might NOT Be Ready

Few people ever are “ready.” 

Over the years we have worked with thousands and THOUSANDS of individual, business owners, experts, thought leaders; we have racked up tens and tens of millions of dollars in reported, tracked & verified returns for our clientele.

Make no mistake about it, we are very, very very diligent, and VERY good at what we do… 

But when you’ve had access to that many clients, you are bound to see some failures, too. The fact that we have a jaw-dropping track record does not hide the truth that some people do not see the exact results they’d hoped for. In fact, most of our best case studies tell you more about the client than they will about us.

Having the boldness to tell you this speaks to our unshakeable resolve to be trusted by you, to act as your advisor and advocate, in whatever scenario you’re in right now, regardless of personal cost to us. We can only afford to take clients that we can truly help, which is why our acquisitions processes are not set up for “Maximum Enrollment of Prospects.” 

We are set up for optimal and ethical acceptance of the RIGHT prospects. 

Which means a healthy portion of consults we do not even make offers to work with people. BUT… if you are reading this, it probably means that we can help grow. 

Me, Chris, and our team, are simply amplifiers

We multiply potential. 

We multiply capital.

We multiply expertise. 

We know the rules of the game and we know how to help certain individuals win. 

The beautiful thing about having access to this many successful clients is we have built out “predictive” models for success. 

I can dive down into the nuances of our top 1% most successful clients – thousands of them – to find out, what time they wake up in the morning; how they handle confrontation; what markets they’re in; average price points; length in business before seeing breakthrough; and a hundred other factors that can indicate positive or negative chances of success. 

This “predictive modeling” is what allows us to be so effective in client SELECTION, weeding out the potential problem clients (people who we cannot help or who have low chances of success) and making offers/accepting hole-in-one clients (people whose success is virtually guaranteed if they show up). 

Please know that the #1 indicator of your success in all areas of your life comes down to this: 

Your ability to take uncomfortable action before you “feel” comfortable with it — before you are “ready”

And, to stay committed long after you feel tired. 

To execute on little things well, even when things aren’t going your way. 

The truth is nobody is ever actually ready. The barometer on whether you should move forward or not is not “how much do I feel ready” – it should be how long do I want this to take?

Do you picture your life in 3 years marginally better, with a slightly higher amount of money, time, and fulfillment? 

Or do you picture life in 3 years being exponentially better… more money, more control, more fulfillment, more peace, more stability — by leaps & bounds?  

Successful people make decisions from VISION (i.e. “what do I see and how quickly do I believe I can get there?). 

Unsuccessful people make decisions from current CIRCUMSTANCE (i.e. “can I afford it now, do I have time now, etc”).

Now, my thoughts on TIME


The #1 thing I’ve learned from studying people with a lot more money than me is that they have bartered with time to make it their ALLY. 

Even though we are all given the exact same amount of time, some people simply treat it differently. It isn’t your “time” that makes you wealthy or poor, it is your relationship with, and viewpoint of it, and ownership of it, that makes the difference. 

Wealthy people have made intense & difficult decisions in order to MAKE time their ally. What does this mean? 

If time is your friend, simply the passing of time makes you more wealthy. I am certain & confident that in 3 years I will be more wealthy than I am now. Time is my friend, not my enemy. If nothing changes in the markets, if our teams don’t get any better, I know that I will have more money then than I do now because of how my relationships with time works. 

I have developed skill sets and set up systems & assets that will produce more and more cash to accumulate more and more wealth as time passes. 

I have done this through information, tangible assets, intangible assets (such as businesses or software), and a hundred other ways that I don’t have time to get into in this report. 

How to Guarantee Time To Work Against You

The least successful people on the planet are afraid to make decisions. Their #1 grand strategy is delay

If you zoom back 12 months in history, you will see 12 months where they’ve wrestled “should I?” or “should I not?” They’ve gone back and forth, back and forth, back and forth for a year, and when the year ends they’re exhausted just like the rest of us…

Except they’ve gone nowhere.

Simply back & forth. 

Back & forth… trying to decide, trying to decide. 

Contrast this with successful people… 

We make decisions all the time, every single day. Sometimes good decisions, sometimes bad decisions. 

When I make good decisions, we enjoy the benefits. When I make a bad decision, I notice it and am quick to make another decision to correct it. The point is you keep making decisions and you move forward. 

If you want a surefire way to guarantee time will never be your friend, here it is: avoid decisions and delay as long as you can. In short, never do anything

People are curious, sometimes to the point of obsession, about our growth story. 

Five years ago (at the time of this writing) my net worth was negative -$15k. Today it is over $20 million. We have clients in 30 countries. We have tens of thousands of customers. I spend DOUBLE my old annual salary IN A WEEK on paid advertising. 

It’s kind of insane and SO MUCH fun. 

People want to know, “how did this happen…?” 

I will tell you exactly how :-) 

I’ve made HUGE decisions, and a lot of them have not been perfect decisions. But a key to making time fight FOR you is to actually do something. Sometimes you just have to go for it. You cannot steer anything that is immobile, but you can correct a vehicle with momentum. 

I worry sometimes that a LOT of people we talk to, they’ve ended up optimizing their lives for complete safety, but breakthrough won’t come from that. Instead of optimizing for safety, I challenge you to optimize for growth… 


Negative. Incorrect. Five years ago I invested into a mentor and I didn’t get what I wanted from it. It was a bad investment, plain and simple. So I invested into another. 

That one was a little better but he didn’t deliver what he promised either. So, naturally, I invested in another…

People in my family said “What are you stupid?” I kept making decisions. I refused to learn the WRONG lessons… 

The wrong lesson would’ve been “Mentorship doesn’t work. Coaching doesn't work. XYZ doesn’t work.” Well, do you get in a small car accident and think, “Cars don’t work, I will never drive again.”

No, I bet you wouldn’t do that. 

The key for me was to not allow decisions to rack up UNMADE, I kept making decisions and I kept moving forward with what I thought could work. You have to train yourself to see your opportunity cost as MORE EXPENSIVE than the money you might invest into getting what you want. 

If you could be earning $50,000 per month, or $500,000 per month, and you let indecision keep you going back & forth making only $5,000 per month — you have to learn to see that difference as a real cost you are paying..

This is called opportunity cost and unfortunately, most people don’t recognize it because it just doesn’t show up on the balance sheet. But my $20 million net worth today versus my negative -$15k net worth 5 years ago — that shows up on the balance sheet, you just don’t see it in the moment. 

I’ll leave you with four irrefutable traits of our most successful clients…


  1. They jump before they are ready, because they know they never will be (truly) “ready.” 
  2. Their goals are big enough they can’t hit them alone, they need other people. 
  3. They learn to collect ASSETS so that time works for them (rather than against them), they don’t “grind 24/7.” 
  4. They accept failures as a “tuition” or “investment” into creating success (rather than a personal mark against their identity), they aren’t afraid of failure, only of not doing their best.

We are 100% committed & SOLD OUT to you and the results we believe we can bring you as a client. IF you choose to take advantage of the benefits available to you as a client, you will look back on this moment and wonder how your life & business changed (for the better) so quickly… 

Time will become your greatest ally and asset. 

My hope is that we can work together to produce the results your crave in your business… let us know if you have any questions and we’ll see if you are a good fit for our flagship program.

-Taylor, Chris, and T&F Crew

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