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The Daily Mind Medicine Podcast launched about 60 days ago and the feedback has been nothing short of RAVING.

(Here's a short teaser if you have no clue what we're talking about)

We've had over 60,000 downloads and the comments, reviews, and shares of how Taylor's perspective has shifted the thinking of so many is unbelievable.

In light of it's success we wanted to share the top 5 MUST-Listen episodes of Daily Mind Medicine with you. Whether you're a veteran listener or just discovering it for the first time, these episodes will literally shift your thinking in the best way.

EP43 :: The Timeline of Success

How many entrepreneurs do you know who are good at business, but they suck at life? Probably too many. You get what you put in, you reap what you sow, and you can't expect to yield a return that is greater than the investment without understanding the timeline of success.

EP34 :: Decision vs Reaction

It is the true power of the human being to decide and not react. When you have no decision making power you are forced to react based on your environment and instinct. Learn how to decide before you react and your mind will thank you.

EP35 :: The Risk of Opportunity

Certain people in your world are addicted to a worst case scenario mindset to the point where they suffer from cognitive dissonance when faced with something good, true, or honorable. Do yourself a favor in this time of social distancing and forever distance yourself from these people. There is always a risk in opportunity and you won't see the opportunity through if you listen to the wrong people.

EP44 :: A Matter of Perspective

There is a way to view your life from an empowering perspective, no matter the circumstances. You do not need good circumstances to win the game if you know why you're playing. All you need is control over your perspective, and you will always have the choice to have that.

EP36 :: Think Better Perform Better

What would it be like if we were able to focus on the things that are consistent and normal, yet also profoundly great. What would happen if we were able to consciously focus on simple things and less stressful days. Find out on today's episode of Mind Medicine and get more at www.dailymindmedicine.com

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