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You’re here because you want to know the paid advertising formula to get clients.

What is up? Chris Evans here. Some call me “Papa C.” 

I’m going to keep this article VERY simple for you.

Because, my goal is for you to take ACTION with this knowledge to get more clients and revenue.

At the end of the day, successful advertising comes down to:

  • How well you know your market

  • How well you can transfer that understanding into creating ads that get attention

….And none of it happens unless you take action now.

Here's a pic of me after I took action. (See? It makes you happy when you succeed.)

The Paid Advertising Formula To Get Clients

My Life Has Changed Because of Paid Advertising

Taylor and I have grown Traffic and Funnels very rapidly in the past several years. 

All of it has been on the back of our paid advertising strategy.

It all started after I read this quote, which changed my life:

“If you can spend $1 on an ad and make $2 back, you’ll never have to worry about money again.”

After reading that, I poured all my effort and energy into figuring out how to use paid advertising profitably.

What We’re Going To Cover Today:

  1. “Echo” targeting: How to pinpoint your most profitable prospects with sniper-like accuracy. 

  2. Ad Copy Mastery: The Exact formula We Use For Writing High-Conversion Ad Copy.

  3. The Proven System We Use To Attract & Win New Clients Profitably

The combination of these is what separates the top 1% of advertisers, like you.

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“Echo Targeting”

People fail with “The Paid Advertising Formula To Get Clients” because they are not obsessed with who their market is, what their market loves, what their market hates.

When you understand who your market is, then you can step into their shoes and write ad copy that serves as a “mirror” that reflects their own thoughts and feelings back to them.

This grabs their attention and earns their trust.

Echo targeting is the research process we do to learn who our market is, what their interests are, what they want most, and what their pain points are.

Why do we call it echo targeting?

Echo: a sound (desire) or series of sounds caused by the reflection (expressed desire) of sound waves from a surface (market) back to the listener (you.)

What better way to understand your market than by creeping on them online?

Step 1: Gather their page likes & groups they’ve joined

Write this information down in a document.

Step 2: Use Google

Search google for the things you think your top prospects are looking for online.

It could be “best books for entrepreneurs” or “best podcasts for entrepreneurs,” etc.

Write the top results into your document as well.

All of this information should give you a glimpse into the sophistication level of your target avatar, and what they want more than anything else.

With that information, you will be able to get in front of them with the perfect ad copy and the perfect offer.

Pro Tip:
If you’re struggling to find out who your perfect avatar prospect is, ask yourself:

“Who is my perfect competitor?”

Then, look up who has engaged with or written 5-star reviews of your top competitors. 

3 Questions Every Advertiser Must Ask:

  1. What is the deep need that the market had, which allowed me to market to them with my solution in the first place?

  2. How much does my avatar know & understand about the solutions my product or service provides? (How aware are they of the problem that exists, and the solution that I provide?)

  3. How many competitors exist that have positioned themselves in front of my prospects already? (How Sophisticated is my market?)

Let me introduce to you the legend, Eugene Schwartz, one of the greatest copywriters in history.

In his book, Breakthrough Advertising, he states that prospects have 5 separate states of awareness.

The 5 States of Awareness:

  1. Prospect is Completely Unaware

  2. Prospect is Problem Aware

  3. Prospect is Solution Aware

  4. Prospect is Product Aware

  5. Prospect is Most Aware

After you identify your prospect’s awareness, you then need to figure out the sophistication of the market.

Sophistication Of The Market

Here is the Eugene Schwartz Guide to the 5 States of Sophistication

5 States of Sophistication

  • Stage 1: You’re the first one to introduce a solution to the market. (No competition)

  • Stage 2: You’re the second one to the market.

  • Stage 3: The market has heard all the claims. 

  • Stage 4: The market no longer responds to the claims you make. You have to introduce a mechanism. “How to get X WITHOUT X.” (Ex: “How to get clients in 1 week WITHOUT spending money on paid ads.”)

  • Stage 5: Reviving a dead product by attacking a different pain all together…

    • Ex: Yoga Pants: Changing the desire from practical functionality to the desire to be wanted.

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At this point, you have the understanding of your market.

Now it’s time to break down how to write great ad copy.

Advertising Copy Mastery

Now I’m going to show you one of our top converting ads.

PLUS I’m going to give you a glimpse at the ultimate ad copy formula we use.

But first, let’s check out some of the best ads in history.

Rolls Royce Ad:

What state of awareness does the Rolls Royce ad appeal to? Problem aware.

Back then, automobiles were extremely loud and clunky.

Rolls Royce understood that and came in with a solution. So, they wrote about it.

To be a good marketer, it’s important to study great advertising every day.

We have a “50 ads that made millions swipe file” inside our premium ads training Ads to Clients.

Winston Ad:

At the time of this ad release, the market was at a stage 3.

It had heard all the claims about cigarettes.

The information had come out about tobacco products being unhealthy.

All the brands were advertising about the filters.

The market got tired with everyone talking about the filters.

This ad zigged when the market zagged, focusing elsewhere, “It’s what’s up front that counts!”

The Chesterfield Ad:

The Chesterfield ad took a simple approach and added some sex appeal to it.

Now I’m going to break down one of our best performing ads.

Breaking Down One Of Our Most Successful Ads

This ad alone is responsible for generating at least a million dollars for Traffic and Funnels.

This ad:

  1. Tells a story

  2. Contains Emotion. Emotion. Emotion

  3. The image GRABS and demands attention

  4. Connects to the sophistication of the market

  5. Connects State of Awareness to Solution

We would have never been able to write this ad if we didn’t know our market.

By the way if you want to swipe our top 10 advertising templates, grab Turbo Templates here.

The Paid Advertising Formula To Get Clients:

This is the copy formula that we use to create our advertisements.

We break down the formula and how to apply it to writing your ads inside our premium paid ads training Ads to Clients.

The Proven System We Use To Attract & Win New Clients Profitably

This is one of the systems we use to teach our clients how to scale to $20k+ per month WItHOUT a webinar!

Essentially it is about 2 things you need to do to land high-value clients:

  1. Earn the attention of your market

  2. Earn the trust of your market

First, build your audience by posting valuable organic content

Simply make 5 video posts answering the top 5 questions your market has.

From there, identify your top performing posts. Boost the best one to create tons of engagement.

Then, follow up with those who engaged with the boosted post with a separate ad, calling them to action.

  • Ad 1: Builds awareness and audience. (building a pool of people who know, like and trust you.)
  • Ad 2: Follows up with people who have seen ad 1. This time, calling them to action.

This strategy is essentially taking people who are unaware of who you are, to aware.

This will create consistent opportunity in your business.

Case Studies:

Client Example #1:

We have one client who spent $8,700 on a couple of ads.

She made up $38,200 in revenue total from the ad spend efforts.


Client Example #2:

We have another client who implemented these methods with $1,800 in ad spend.

He then collected $9,800 from that campaign.

This stuff works, y’all.

Paid Advertising Simple At Its Core

Hope you've enjoyed this article on The Paid Advertising Formula To Get Clients.

At the end of the day, advertising is very simple.

It’s not about the tactics or which buttons to push.

It’s about knowing your market, creating ads that get attention to your market, and calling them to action.

We’ve given you the keys to the kingdom.

The thing that is going to separate you from the people who are making money is: action right now.

The ability that we have right now to go online and get our message in front of millions of people is unparalleled compared to any other advertising generation before now.

Failure only happens when you don’t take any action at all.

If you're ready to go deeper into this, check out our premium advertising training, Ads To Clients.

Peace, Fam,
-Papa Chris Evans

Get The “Ads To Clients” Premium Advertising Training Now!

Grab our premium advertising masterclass “Ads To Clients” now, and start landing clients predictably with paid advertising.

Yes! I want that NOW.