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What if it doesn’t “work out”?

By June 7, 2017 December 6th, 2019 Copywriting, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Podcast

February of 2014.

I was working at a job I just didn’t like… I vividly remember every morning I’d get to the office at 7:30a – even though everyone else got there at 8…

Sweep the lobby… check.
Print new flyers… check.
Refill the flyers in the bin outside… check.
Clean the glass on the conference table… check.
Wipe down the desks… check.
Wish I was dead… check.

Then I would grab coffee from the pot in the back and sit at my desk, for 8 hours, preparing leases and talking with some of the most difficult and entitled people on the planet ;)

It’s crazy how well my mind remembers all this – the smells, the dreams of getting out there and working “on my own.”

Visualizing what it would be like to work from Starbucks, if I only knew what I’d do for people. I had no idea that I’d become the person I’ve become…

It was not guaranteed for even a second that I would turn into this marketing wizard or achieve mastery over copy, advertising, selling, etc…

In fact, during this same time period, I bought a $2k MLM product because they promised me I could quit my job if I could figure out how to sell it. How do you think that worked out lol…

I ended up losing all my money (when you make $1900/mo and put $2k on an AMEX and don’t make it back) and spent the next 6 months hustling, saving, and (eventually) paying off that bad investment.

…Then I made another investment.

And THAT one paid off. What most people would’ve done is this:

“Well (obviously) marketing is a scam. It doesn’t work. Education doesn’t work. Courses are all promises no delivery. Never buying anything else again.”

And you see this happen ALL THE TIME (just go look at some of the comments on our ads, lol – bunch of broke people who learned the wrong lessons and are now stuck, indefinitely, until they get over themselves).

Look I’m not being insensitive. I’m being honest: there is always a chance that it doesn’t work out.

It’s YOUR job to stack the deck, play the odds, make wise investments, listen, learn, thoroughly vet & test your ideas (and your mentors)… that’s why we put together tools like this to help you do this better.

Anyways, back to 2014. I never made that money back… but I kept dreaming – and working. Little by little, slowly, steadily, I learned the fundamentals…

I made another investment at the end of 2014 and this one paid off. Then I made several more investments at the beginning of 2015 that did not. But all I cared about were my averages… and making sure I was advancing.

“Am I further along in this area than I was 6 months ago?”

This is what drives me. Moving forward. Taking ground. And helping other people do the same…

It’s what drives Chris as well.

Regardless of where you are or what problem you’re facing in your business right now – I absolutely guarantee you we’ve faced it, dealt with it, and solved it before…

Your speed is up to you. We’d love to help…

And if you’d like to see how we do that, go here and let’s talk.

Happy Monday!

Taylor & Chris