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Pablo Escobar…

The infamous leader of the Medellín cartel, reportedly brought in (at the peak of his power) about $420 MILLION per week.

He supplied roughly 80% of the the world’s cocaine supply.


He moved about 15 TONS of cocaine per day.

Screenshot 2015-09-24 07.51.15Two reasons why I’m telling you this story. I’ll get to the 2nd in a minute…

The First: selling is easy when you’re selling something people want.

Easily the most important (and likely the hardest) part of your marketing is making sure your offer is dialed into the market correctly. 

If you try selling something people don’t really care about, the best copy and marketing in the world will not save you…

Mr Escobar tapped into this quite nicely (although illegally, which I don’t recommend).

Recently Business Insider did an interview with Pablo’s son, who said every year, the Escobar family would write off $2.1 BILLION dollars because rats would eat it in storage or the bills would get water damaged.

And one time his father, the king of cocaine, torched $2M in crips bills to keep his family warm while they were on the run…

Escobar had so much money he didn’t even care.

Here’s the 2nd point: most businesses treat their advertising dollars like Escobar did.

When you’re goal is growth, though, you can’t afford to do that.

You need a return, on every single dollar you spend.

That’s why we are opening up just a few marketing consults for my list and my list only this week.

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