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Win The Leverage Points


Leverage Points & How To Handle Being BehindI want you to sit back and think about something for a minute. Have you ever kicked off a week with a bang? What I mean by that is: have you ever had an EXTREMELY productive or successful Monday? Did it not set the tone for the entire week? What about kicking off the first of the month with a killer day? I bet it set you up towards making new records. Ever given much thought as to why this is? Leverage Points. If you can identify where these are in your business, you can win the leverage points.

What Is A ‘Leverage Point'?

A leverage point is a moment where you can actually capitalize on the pocket of momentum and spread it out through the week or through what we call a rut. Leverage points can be a Monday morning or a Thursday morning, the first of the month, etc. It's something that can flip momentum into the rest of your schedule. Leverage points are closely related to the state of your energy. When properly prepared for and utilized correctly these leverage points can optimize momentum towards setting new goals and reaching new records.

Identify The Pivotal Moments

A great metaphor for this phenomenon is when a sports team gets hot. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 months you’ve most likely heard someone mention the Netflix documentary “The Last Dance” which chronicles the 90’s Chicago Bulls.

Throughout the documentary, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and other key players for the ‘Dream Team’ recount stories of pivotal moments; so and so’s efforts or timely shot changed the momentum of an entire game. When the stakes were high, the team would rise to the challenge and the momentum of an entire series would shift.

It’s easy to look at athletic events and identify which players are on a hot streak.

Detailed analysis, statistics for every metric imaginable, game-over-game comparison, and game tape help playmakers recognize where games shifted.

The same is true in sales. You have to do critical analysis. It is VITAL to understand what days and or times your potential is highest. If you know when you have the likelihood of getting hot, operating in the pocket, STACK THOSE.

By loading up the leverage points you stack the deck in your favor. You increase your chances of closing the deal and in turn spreading positive effects to compound momentum throughout the rest of your day. Doing this properly will set you up to create new records. But, it also you to create a more predictable result.

Closing thoughts.

Setting yourself up for success hinges on how you show up. If your energy sucks, you’re going to struggle. Likewise, if you stack your momentum within a timeslot that is impractical, you are wasting energy. Find the timeframes you know are key and build a system to set yourself up to win.

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